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TWENTY-SEVENTII CONGRESS. E‘ss.II. Ch.109,120. 1842. 499 shall be held to bail in any civil suit in the District of Columbia, unless Persons not to on andavit, tiled by the plaintiff or his agent, stating in cases of debt or- P° Wf **2 bm contract the amount which he verily believes to be due, and that the glglvgnsgéigfl same has been contracted by fraud or false pretences, or through 8, vit, in certain by-each 0l`f.1‘l1Sli, Of ihtlf T·h6 d€f€Dd8Dl- is 00l'1C83.lll1g O1' has concealed his °°s°S‘ property in the DISCIIGC or elsewhere, or is about to remove the same from this District or the place of his residence, in order to evade the payment of the debt, or that, being at resident of the District and domicilcd therein, is about to abscond without paying the debt, and with a view to avoid the payment of the same, setting forth all the facts on which said allegations of fraud or breach of trust are founded, and in all cases setting forth the grounds, nature, and particulars of the claim. The sufficicncy of the affidavit to hold to bail, and the amount of bail Sutliciency cf to be given, shall, upon application of the defendant, be decided by the ;gl£'?"éB*;°· court in term time, and by any single judge in vacation. In all cases ,,,,,,,;Q°,,d_ °` in which the aflidavit required by this act is not filed previously to issuing the writ, the defendant, upon its service, shall not be required to give bail, but merely to sign an order to the clerk of the court to enter his appearance in the cause, which, if he refuses to do, he may then be held to bail as in other cases. Sno, 2. And be it further enacted, That any person now held to bail Relutiveto the in at civil suit in the said District may apply to the Circuit Court of the d?;:?;:; said District in term time, or to any judge thereof in vacation, for a rule Rem to bail in to show cause why he shall not be discharged on tiling a common ap- civiisuirspearance, and shall be so discharged unless the plaintiff or his agent shall file a sufficient affidavit, in conformity with the provisions of the preceding section, within a reasonable period of time, to be assigned by the court or the judge to whom the application is made. Approved, August 1, 1842. Swarm II. Crisp. CIX.-dn Act to extend the provisions of an act entitled “An act la rc_g~w— Aug 1 1842 lute processes in the courts of the United Slatcs," passed the nineteenth May, one -—-L-— thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight. (ez) 'Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the provisions Act 19th May of an act entitled, "An act to regulate processes in the courts of the 182} °l‘·l€8·b, United States," passed the nineteenth day of May, one thousand eight {g°S;,°;5;Q§c8° hundred and twenty-eight, shall be, and they are hereby, made applica- admitted into ble to such States as have been admitted into the Union since the date *1** Um°“· of said act. Approved, August 1, 1842. """"` Suwrs II. C1-in. CXX. -An get to constitute the p;2;rl:;_¢y" gloyiintglcn, Mystic river, and Aug 3, 1842_ aww ut · mm-, a co eo um is rt . —~—-—————— Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the town of Sumingtgria Stonington, in the county of N cw London, State of Connecticut, shall ¢9U¤¤¤§¤ di¤· f be Z1 collection district, from and after the thirtieth day of June next; P°"° and that `the port of Stonington, aforesaid, shall be, and hereby is, made ]34Q’ ,,;,_ 11-;_ a port of entr . Sec.2. Anil be it further enacted, That the district of Stonington pistrsctorsts. Shall comprehend all the waters, shores, bays, and harbors, from the m¤8餤 d¢¤S· Wcst line of Mystic river, including the villages of Portersville and “°°° ‘ Noank, in the town of Groton, State of Connecticut, to the east line of Pawcatuck river, including the town of Westerly, State of Rhode Island, any thing in any former law to the contrary notwithstanding. (a) See notes of the decisions of the courts of the United States on the subject of process, vol. 1, 93, and notes to the act of May 19, 1828, chap. 68, vol. 4, 278.