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TWEN"I`Y-SEVEN TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ca. 270. 1842. 56) Sixth. Anatomical preparations, models of machinery, and of other inventions and improvements in the arts; specimens in natural history, mingralogy, Bild botany; U`€€$, Shl’UbS, pl3l’I£S, bulbs Of 1*00ts, and gay. den seeds not otherwise specified; berries, nuts, and vegetables, used principally in dyeing or composing dyes; all dyewoods in stick; whale and other fish oils of American fisheries, and all other articles the produce of said fisheries; animals imported for breed; fish, fresh caught, imported for daily consumption; fruit, green or ripe, from the West Indies, in bulk: tea and coffee when imported in American vessels from the places of their growth or production. Seventh. Adhesive felt for sheathing vessels, alcornoque, aloes, antimony crude, argol, assafoetida, ava root, barilla, bark of cork tree unmanufactured; bells or bell-metal, old and only fit to be remanufactured, or parts thereof, and chimes of bells; brass in pigs or bars, and old brass only fit to be remanufactured; Brazil wood, crude brimstone, and Hour of sulphur, bullion, burrstones, unwrought; cantharides, chalk, clay unwrought, cochineal, coins of gold and silver, copper imported in any shape for the use of the mint, copper in pigs, or bars, and copper ore; plates or sheets of copper for sheathing vessels; but none is to be so considered except that which is fourteen inches wide, and forty-eight inches long, and weighing from fourteen to thirty-four ounces per square foot; old copper tit only to be remanufactured; cream of tartar; emery; flints, ground flint, gold bullion, gold epauletts and wings, grindstones, gum Arabic, gum Senegal, gum tragacanth, India rubber, in bottles or sheets, or otherwise, unmanufactured, old junk, oakum, kelp, kermcs, lac dye, leeches, rnadder, madder root, mother of pearl, nickel, nux vomica, palm leaf unmannfactured, palm oil; Peruvian bark, pewter when old and only fit to be remanufactured; platina unmanufactured, ivory unmanufactured, plaster of Paris unground, ratans and reeds unmanufactured, rhubarb, saltpetre when crude, sarsaparilla, shellac, silver bullion, silver epauletts and wings, stones called polishing stones, stone called rotten stone, sumac, tartar when crude, teutenequc, turmeric, weld, woods of all kinds, when unmanufactured, not herein enumerated. Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That, on all articles not herein enumerated or provided for, there shall be levied, collected, and paid, 2Q per cent. on a duty of twenty perqcentum ad valorem. · e ;°;2:;$;dng;;2g: Sec. l 1. And be ztfurther enacted, That an addition of ten per cent» vided {0,, um shall be made to the several rates of duties by this act imposed, in Addition or ig respect to all goods, wares, and merchandise, on the importation of P<·=*¢¢p¤·<>q¤ imwhich, in American or foreign vessels, a specific discrimination between ;°gg;'f;';;;f°‘ them is not herein made, which, from and after the time when this act shall take effect and go into operation, shall be imported in ships or vessels not of the United States; and a further addition of ten per centum shall be made to the several rates of duties imposed by this act 20 per cent. if on all goods, wares, and merchandise, which shall be imported from any frcm ¢¤S* Gl the port or place east of the Cape of Good Hope, in foreign vessels: Pro- §;l;';_°f G°°d vided, That these additional duties shall not apply to goods, wares, or Proviso, vesmerchandise, which shall be imported after the day that this act goes *15 ¤¤¤i¤l¢d_bY info operation, in ships or vessels not of the United States, entitled by ;',;’g,g5_la“S treaty, or by any act or acts of Congress, to be entered in the ports of the United States, on the payment of the same duties as shall then be plpid on goods, wares, or merchandise, imported in ships or vessels of t e United States. Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That on and after the day this Quriesto be H<>t goes into operation, the duties on all imported goods, wares, or mer- l,’g;‘:,";,;’°§;‘: chandise, shall be paid in cash; Provided, That in all cases of failure In Q,,, ,,5 {aa or geglect to pay the duties, on completion of the entry, the said goods, ure. or., V.--71 ·