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596 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 2. 1842. E¥¥’l°’l“€ °X· For expenses attending the preparation of the results and account Pedmm of the exploring expedition for the publication thereof ordered by Congress, twenty thousand dollars. _ _ _ P¢¤i§¢¤ii¢¤y For the support and maintenance of the penitentiary of the District °f D' (" of Columbia, six thousand six hundred and ninety dollars and eighty- four cents. SM md °llS‘ To make good a deficiency in the eighteen months ending the thirabied seamen` tieth of June, eighteen hundred and forty-three, and estimated denciency in the year ending on the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and forty- four, in the fund for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, as estab- 1802: °h·5l· lished by the act of the third of May, eighteen hundred and three, [two,] fifty~eight thousand five hundred dollars. C¤Sl°m·l¤°¤S€ For carrying on the work of the new custom-house building at Bosal BOM"' ton, twenty-five thousand dollars. MiS°°ll¤¤<>°¤¤ F or the discharge of such miscellaneous claims, not otherwise proclaims' vided for, as shall be admitted in due course of settlement at the trea- Proviso. sury, six thousand dollars: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended in the payment of any claims for finishing and furnishing the new custom-house in the city of New York. Light-house Lig/tt-/muse Establishment.-For supplying the light—h0uses, con-

 taining two thousand six hundred and seventy-eight lamps, with oil,

tube glasses, wicks, buffslcins, whiting, and cotton cloth, transportation, and keeping apparatus in order, fifty-two thousand five hundred and ninety-five dollars and fifteen cents. For repairs, refitting, and improvements of light-houses, and buildings connected therewith, thirty-eight thousand six hundred and thirty- three dollars and one cent. For compensation of two hundred and thirty-six keepers of lighthouses, eighteen of them being charged with double lights, and one with three, forty-six thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine dollars. Fgomingiights, For compensation of thirty keepers of floating lights, eight thousand &c. dollars. For seamens’ wages, repairs, and supplies of thirty floating lights, thirty-one thousand five hundred and thirty-six dollars and fourteen cents. Buoys, &c. For weighing, mooring, cleansing, repairing, and supplying the loss of beacons, buoys, chains, and sinkers, ten thousand four hundred and fifty-six dollars and fourteen cents. Annual exa- For expenses of examining annually and reporting the condition of m‘"“"°"· the light-houses, fivur thousand dollars. Superintend- For superintendents’ commissions, at two and one half per cent., four glgfs °°'“‘mS‘ thousand eight hundred and four dollars and seventy-three cents. porgign im,. Intcrcourse with Foreign Nations.--For salaries of the ministers of course. the United States to Great Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, Austria, M"“““"" Spain, Mexico, and Brazil, thirty-six thousand dollars. Secretaries of For salaries of the secretaries of legation to the same places, eight L“8“"°“· thousand dollars. gllflfzés <l€¤ For salaries of the charges des affaires to Portugal, Denmark, Sweu °"°S' den, Holland, Belgium, Chili, Peru, Venezuela, New Grenada, Texas, Naples, and Sardinia, twenty-seven thousand dollars. Minister to F or salary of the minister resident to Turkey, three thousand dollars. T,;;;<jg’r;mn For salary of a drogoman to the legation to Turkey, one thousand ¤two hundred and fifty dollars. Expenses of For the contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, fifteen thoum'S“*"“S» &°· sand dollars. d ger the contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, fifteen thousand o ars. Lgggggl M For the salary of the consul at London, one thousand dollars. R8l,c,,`&c_ of For the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign coun- Am, seaman, tries, twenty-five thousand dollars.