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TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. H1. Ch. 34, 44. 1843. 601 sm, 2, And be it further enacted, That the Legislatures of said Authqyigytg States be, and they are hereby, authorized to make such laws and need- ¤'*¤k¤ l!W¤ for fu] regulations as may be deemed expedient to secure and protect from gc injury or waste, the sections reserved by the laws of Congress, for the° use of schools, to each township, and to provide by law, if not deemed expedient to sell, for leasing the same for any term not exceeding four years, in such manner as to tender them productive, and most conducive to the object for which they were designed. SEG, 3. And be it flu·H¢cr enacted, That if the proceeds accruing to I“ °? ° of i¤·‘ any township or district from said fund, shall be insufficient for the sup- ,0 port of schools therein, it shall be lawful for said Lcgislatures to invest supportsehonis, the same in the most secure and productive manner, until the whole ¤¤¥h°¤’i¤Y *¤i¤_· proeeeds of the fund belonging to such township or district shall be ;g;5,;_*;g· “““l adequate to the permanent maintenance and support of schools within l the same: Provided, That the Legislatures aforesaid shall, in no case, Proviso. invest the proceeds of the sale of the lands in any township in manner aforesaid, without the consent of the inhabitants of said township or district, to be obtained as aforesaid. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That any sales of such lands, re- Such sales as served as aforesaid, as have been made in pursuance of any of the laws W'? b°°" ?¤¤d° _ enacted by the Legislatures of said States, and not inconsistent with the principles of this uct, are hereby ratified and confirmed so far as the plesofrhis ues, assent of the United States to the same may be necessary to the con- °°¤H'm°d· iirmation thereof Arvnovmn, February 15, 1843. """"" S·u·ru·rr: III. Cmm. XXXIV.-An Actfvr the relief of the owners of the fund received from the Feb_ 1g_ 1g4g_ British Government as an indemnity for slaves lost from on board the Comet -—-—··——-—-— and Eneamium at Nassau, Balunmas. [Obsolete.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of seven thou- Balance grin. sand nine hundred and sixty-five dollars and twenty-eight cents, at <l¤!¤·¤i*i¤¤ ¤•> l>¤ balance of the indemnities received from the British Government for §:'g0;g°:;;"° loss of slaves from on board the Comet and the Encomium, at Nassau, emgrredrhmro, paid into the treasury by the late John Forsyth, be paid, on the order of the Secretary of State, to the persons or companies entitled thereto, or to their representatives; and that, for that purpose, the aforesaid sum be, and it is hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. I Arwnovnn, February 1S, 1843. "”‘_‘ Surure III. CHAP. XLIV.-An Act altering the times of holding the circuit court of the United Feb. 24, 1g4g_ Slatcsfcr the district of Connecticut. —-·-——--—- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the circuit court ,,ChTt;;d gh 0f the United States for the district of Connecticut, shall hereafter be ,:°Xph,_:°,Qd Y held on the fourth Tuesday in April, and on the third Tuesday in Sep- third Tuesday tembcr in each year, instead of the last Wednesday in April, and the m S°P*°mb°'· seventeenth day of September, the times heretofore established by law. And all indictments, informations, recogniszmces, writs, suits, pleas, _All proceed- Hctions, motions, and all other proceedings, civil and criminal, shall be aggggfgrg °" “ heard, tried, proceeded with, and determined by the said court, rn the ' same manner as they might and ought to have been done, had the stud court been holden at the times heretofore directed by law. Approved, February 24, 1843. v¤r..v.-ve 3A