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1`WENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 50, 51. 1843. 603 Snwcrs III. CHU, L,-dn Act to pcrfecf the iiiks to lands south of the .»2r/mma.; rim-, held March 1, 1843. under Abu: Madrid locations, andpre-cmption right.: under the acl of one lhow L_ sand eight hundred and fourteen [jiftem]. (rr) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represcntativzs of the Gzited gram {America in Congress assembled, That the locations heretofore _U<¤¤¤i¤ lmmade of warrants issued under the act of the seventeenth of February, "°“” °l E""? one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, entitled "An act for the relief gf Of the inhabitants of the Inte county of New Madrid, in Missouri Ter. 17¢h Febrmry. yjmry, who suffered by earthquakes" of those locations which were 1E*f’·°*‘d‘5· made on the south side of the Arkansas river, if made in pursuance of Pzicicriia ril the provisions of that act in other respects, shall be perfected into grants, 26»1822»ch·4<>. in like manner as if the Indian title to the lands on the south side of 2§°;S;gM‘jy said river had been completely extinguished at the time of the passage 17h. ’ CL of said act. Act of May Sec. 2. Aml be it further enacted, That in all cases in which the 23:,€§g,;°g’i= 90* locations so made on the south side of the Arkansas river may have warrants authobeen sold, and the lands thus located under the act aforesaid have been med '° ems? appropriated by the United States, the owner of the warrants issued g;}:$;h;ag:s;’S‘n under the provisions of the act aforesaid shall have a right to enter, i within twelve months after the passage of this act, without payment, the like quantity of the public lands, of any of the unappropriated and unimproved lands in the State of Arkansas, corresponding with the legal subdivisions. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That every settler on the public §*i“l°*’¤ ¤°¤*h lands south of the Arkansas river shall be entitled to the same benefits gnygggggggge accruing under the provisions of the pre-emption act of one thousand tits of pre-empeight hundred and fourteen [fifteen], as though they had resided north "{’“4;°'°*`l8l5» of said river. °]' ' Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all Cherokee pre-emptions Certain Cherowhich have becn or may be located upon any of the surveyed lands of Kee preigimpthe United States, south of the base line in Arkansas, shall be confirmed, u°n°°° m°d‘ and patents shall issue thereon as in other cases. Approved, March 1, 1843. Snrum: III. CHAP. LI.- dn ./2ct in relation to the two per cen!. fund of the State nf Lhssia- Much 1, 1g4g_ s . ——-—--———— appt [Obsolete.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Uni/Pd Slate.: of America in Congress assembled, That the assent of ASB6N0fo0h- Congress is hereby given to the appropriation, by the State of Missis- g;g;,;%;;°0?p` sippi, to the completion of the railroad from Brandon to Jackson, of parcel the awe the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars, as a part of the two per cent. {’:%‘;°"§ Q1"]; d fund heretofore relinquished by Congress to said State; and that the ],,,,k;;,:,m_ Governor of said State be, and he is hereby, authorized, with the said road. two per cent. fund now in the Treasury of the United States, to enter 1VE§g;"°*;g£ any public lands in said State, subject to private entry, and in the name thodzcdpg, ,3,,: and on behalf of said State, to be held subject to the same trusts and land with ur oses of said fund. wo P<=f P xirrnovmn, March 1, 1843. wm fund` a) Under the act of February 17, 1815, chap. 45, New_Madrid certificates could be located upon lands begnje they were ogffered atéanblje sage E-lihdéfrg pggclainauon of the President, or even surveyed by the puTh(iasii;i]€d]fO‘liprilii£<i'i, &22,ai:ll.¤a;, 40, rgicibagnised-locations of this kind, although they disregarded the sectional lines by which the surveys were afterwards made. Ibid.