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T¥VEN'FY-SEK’ENTI{ CONGRESS. Sess. III. C1~r.52. 1843. 605 expresses and of the interment of non-commissioned officers and soldiers; hire of laborers; compensation of clerks in the offices of the quartermasters and assistant quarterrnasters, at posts where their duties cannot be performed without such aid, and of temporary agents in charge of dismantled works; and to such wagon and forage masters as it may be necessary to employ under the act of the fifth of July, eigh- Act of July 5, teen hundred and thirty-eight; expenditures necessary to keep the regi- 18S8i °h· 162- ments of dragoons and the four companies of light artillery complete, including the purchase of horses to supply the place of those which may be lost and become unfit for the service, and the erection of stables, for said fiscal year, one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. For transportation of officers' baggage, when travelling on duty with- Transportation out troops, for said fiscal year, fifty thousand dollars. °f°H‘°“”’ bag' For transportation of troops and supplies, viz; transportation of the giliiinsportsiicn army and baggage, freight and ferriages, purchase or hire of horses, of troops and mules, oxen, carts, wagons, and boats, for purposes of transportation or S“l’ph“‘ garrison use; drayage and cartage; hire of teamsters; transportation of funds for the Pay department; expense of transport vessels and of procuring water at such posts as from their situations require it; transportation of clothing from the depot at Philadelphia to the stations of the troops; of subsistence from the places of purchase and delivery, under contracts, to such points as the circumstances of the service may require; of ordnance, ordnance stores, and small arms, from the foundries and armories, to the arsenals, fortifications, and frontier posts, for said fiscal year, one hundred and seventy thousand dollars. For the current expenses of ordnance service for the said fiscal year, p*d¤¤¤<>° ¤¢¤‘- eighty thousand dollars. vm` For armaments of fortifications, including compensation of a compe- Fcrrincutionsi tent person to superintend the manufacture of cannon, for the said fiscal &°‘ year, one hundred thousand dollars. For ordnance and ordnance stores, for the said fiscal year, seventy- Ordnance and five thousand dollars. moms' For manufacture of arms at national armories, for the said fiscal year, Manufacture three hundred thousand dollars.°f mms' For repairs, improvements, and new machinery, at Springfield armory, Springfield arfor the said fiscal year, twenty-six thousand five hundred dollars. mm" For repairs, improvements, and new machinery, at Harper’s Ferry Harpcr’sFerry armory, for the said fiscal year, thirty-thousand five hundred dollars. “m‘°fY‘ For arsenals for the said fiscal year, ninety thousand dollars. Af¤¤¤¤l¤· For purchase of saltpetre and brimstone for the said fiscal year, forty Sslipwe and thousand dollars. bnmS[°n°' For completing the principal buildings of the arsenal at Charleston, Cfmipssjhif South Carolina, for the said fiscal year, thirty-two thousand dollars. _ ‘ For expenses of preparing drawings of artillery for the said fiscal year, DY¤W¤¤s¤· one thousand two hundred dollars. _ For surveys in reference to the military defences of the frontier, inland Surveysand Atlantic, for the said fiscal year, including a survey of the direct communication from Albemarle Sound to the Atlantic ocean, with a view to re-open a ship channel, fifteen thousand dollars: _ , _ r For military and geographical surveys west of the Mississippi, for the said half calendar year, five thousand dollars; and for the said fiscal year, fifteen thousand dollars. _ For continuation of the surveys of the Northern and Northwestern lakes of the United States for the said fiscal year, thirty thousand dolrars. For medical and hospital department, for said half calendar year,nine hl:g;g§°l,;;g,,_ thousand five hundred dollars, and for the said fiscal year, twenty-five ,,,,,,,,_ thousand dollars. _ _ Meteorological FOI continuing the meteorological observations at; fhg mll1t$tl'y posts observaticnsr r A ru