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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch.70, 71. 1844. 671 pgtgnt to the Legislatures of the several Territories, to resdjust and ap. Lsgislsturesto l Pm-tion the representation in the two branches of their respective bodies :PP°“’°” ‘l‘° ju such manner from time to time as may seem to them just and proper; {:£,:,°§c,:;$;l°t£m, Provided, That the numbers of said bodies as authorized by existing Proviso. laws shall not be increased. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That justices of the peace, and ·l¤¤*i¢¤¤ °f*h¤ all general officers of the militia in the several Territories shall be §§§k&l;‘;fK;’° elected by the people in such manner as the respective Legislatures people. thereof may provide by law. Armovmn, June 15, 1844. ""_"‘ Srnuu I. Ci-mp. LXX.—An Act to authorize the issuing cy" Patents for certain lands in the ·l¤¤¢ I5. 1844- St. Aggimtine land district in Florida, ilu: sales of which were not regularly rc- "`_"""`—" porle . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That in all cases Whew ?Pliwhere it shall appear, to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of the S;;):`;:,, my General Land Oihce, that individuals had applied to John C. Cleland, made to J. C. late receiver at St. Augustine, in Florida, while acting as receiver, for gl€l¤¤<l· but hs the entry of any of the lands in that district, and had made payment to dig €g:u:,°n:kT,a_ him therefor, as required by law, and where said Cleland failed to fur- tems m ismie. nish the usual evidence of such payments to the register of the land office aforesaid, and to make the usual returns thereof to the General Land Office, such individuals shall be entitled to receive patents for such entries, where the lands applied for by them have not since been sold: but if sold, the money paid by them may be applied to the purchase of any other land in that district subject to entry ut private sale: Provided, That this act shall only apply to those cases where evi- P¤'°Vi¤¤· dence that such application was made, is now in the General Land Office. ' Approved, June 15, 1844. "" Sccnzrrn I. CHAP. LXXI. -—An Aot to amend an act entitled “An act to providcfor the arm June 15. 1844. ed occupation and settlement of the unscitledpart of the peninsula ry Florida." """"""" Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ States cy" America in Congress assembled, That in any case in which it “sh°'°;t°°?.°°¤ shall appear to the Commissioner of the General Land Office that the `XQ,;Q;8,f§,cb_ location made by a settler under the act approved August fourth, eigh- 122, was mudc teen hundred and forty-two, entitled, “An act to provide for the armed ;'P°¤l:é'dl*°l:l° _0ccupatiou and settlement of the unsettled part of the peninsula of gaglgs °w’l Fl0rida," was located upon lands which were discovered after the issue changed. of the permit to be liable to overflow, it shall be lawful for the said Commissioner to authorize the change of the location to any other vacant quarter section within the same land district: Provided applica- Provisc. tion for permission to chan e the location shall have been made at the proper land office before the fourth day of August, eighteen hundred and forty-three. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That in all cases in which settle- When settlements have been made under the provisions of said act, upon lands not :::.::°W:`Sw’;;d° surveyed before the issue of permit, the settler may, after surveyalocate Same, may got A his quarter section in any legal subdivisions of continuous or contiguous cute upon legal sections, or fractional sections, so as to make up the quantity of ODO zgéglggazbz hundred and sixty acres, as may pe, and to include his improvements, ;mp,,,,,cmem_ and as much of the lands described in his permit as is consrstent with the s stem of the public surve s. Sul:. 3. And beg: further elim-ted, That the settlers under said not SS;?:';:?';;; may erect their dwellings, and reside upon other than the quarter in permit.