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686 TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess.I. Ch. 105. 1844. For fuel, seventy-five dollars; For miscellaneous items, sixty-five dollars; Colonel of In the office of the Colonel of Ordnance: 0¤‘d¤¤¤¢··=· For blank books, binding and stationery, four hundred dollars; For printing, eighty dollars; For fuel, one hundred and fifty dollars; For miscellaneous items, two hundred dollars. Topographical In the Bureau of Topographical Engineers: E¤Si"°m· For blank books, binding and stationery, four hundred dollars; For labor, one hundred dollars; d For fuel, two hundred and lift ollars; Miscellaneous. For miscellaneous items, live lirundred dollars: Provided, That in all P*'°"l¤°· cases under this bill, when the appropriations for the contingencies of a department proper, and of the bureaus of that department, or any of them, shall be separately made, the head of the department may in his discretion, consolidate those items of appropriations under the respective heads, and consider them as single sums appropriated for the " contingencies of the department and its several bureaus ;" and, in that case, the head of such department may direct the expenditure of those consolidated sums between the department and its bureaus, having regard to the heads of appropriation, according to his discretion, so far as expenditures therefrom shall become necessary; but such head of a department shall, in his annual report to be made to Congress, state the portion of it expended for the department proper, and for each bureau. tixmilgisgu- _For the contingent expenses of the northwest executive building, . · viz: agserigzgim For labor, four hundred dollars; For fuel and light, two thousand dollars; For miscellaneous items, one thousand six hundred dollars. Navy Depart- Navy Départment.—·—For compensation of the Secretary of the Navy, mélégc of Sw gnd tl;: clerlT,tlmess;ng?·, aind aisgtstanp lmessenger in his office, ninemay , een thousand ree un re an t dollars; Burgvu ¤f Na- For compensation of the chief of the Bureau of Navy Yards and ygojgds °“d Docks, and to the civil cngineeryclraughtsman, clerks, and messenger in B f his office, ten thousand four hundred dollars; ureplw Cqn- For compensation o the chief of the Bureau of Construction, E ui -

lQ;§‘;’§(;i_gf"p' ment, and Repairs, and to the assistant constructor, clerks, and (ine;

pairs, senger in his office, nine thousand seven hundred dollars;

Pm- _ For compensation of the chief of the Bureau of Provisions and Cloth-

Clothing_ ggélgpsclerks and messenger in his office, seven thousand one I Bufew ¤f Ord- For compensation of the chief of the Bureau of Ordnance and H - 3:;‘g;3H$_HY° drography, and to the draughtsman, clerks, and messenger in his officii, eight thousand four hundred dollars; d£;g;¤;¤n<:iYéVl:- For compensation of the chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Sur— gem ° geryli agddtpl the clerks and messenger in his office, five thousand two un re dollars. Contingencies For contingent expenses of said department, and all the bureaus con- ¤l Department nected therewith, viz: and b‘"°°‘“s‘ an§<;pXp)laéi(l§1l;·ropks, binding, and stationery, two thousand four hundred 9 For printing, three hundred dollars; For extra clerk hire, six thousand dollars; For labor, seven hundred and forty dollars; I l Assistant sm. For compensation of assistant surgeon, detailed for duty in the Bugfggrggggvdlvz reau of Medicine and Surgery, at the rate of fourteen hundred dollars ·= ‘ per annum, including arrearages since the twenty-fourth of April, one phousarédheight hundred and forty-four, sixteen hundred and fifty six dollars an ty cents.