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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 117. 1844. 715 third article of the treaty of the first of August, eighteen hundred and twenty-nine, two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars; For the purchase of iron, steel, doc., for shops, six hundred and sixty Im, dollars; ‘ i For pay of laborers and for oxen, stipulated in the same, three hun- ]j,,;,,,,·m_ dred and sixty-five dollars; For the purpose of education, stipulated in the fourth article of the Education treaty of the fifteenth September, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, three J thousand dollars; For the support of six agriculturists, purchase of oxen, ploughs, and Agriculture other implements, stipulated in the fifth article of the same, two thousand i five hundred dollars; For the pay of two physicians, stipulated in the fifth article of the phy,,;,;,,,, same, four hundred dollars; ° For interest on investment in stock, at five per centum, on one mil- j[m.,,,,,,_ lion one hundred thousand dollars, stipulated in the fourth article of the treaty of first November, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, fiftv·five thousand dollars. ° To make good the interest on [the] investments in State stocks and bonds for Indian tribes, not yet paid by the States, to be reimbursed out of the interest when collected, twenty-seven thousand three hundred and sixty-six dollars and eighty-nine cents. For ransoming a white boy, by the name of Frank Lee Witter, from R¤¤S¤m ofboy the Camanches, two hundred dollars. mm gl C'*‘ For expenses attending the holding of a Treaty with the Caddoes and Hi,l§u: °m,,,,_y other wandering tribes, under the act of March third, one thousand Wl1b Cngldves eight hundred and thirty-five, to be audited and settled by the proper °Tc:’3}i{;g_ch accounting officers of the Department, in addition to former appropria- 3, 1835, cb. 50. tions, two thousand one hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Avpnovnn, June 17, 1844. ""' Srnurn I. Cnr. CXVII.-An det to authorize the entry of certain lands, occupied by the June 17. 1844. branch pilots of the port of New Orleans, and others, in the State of Louisiana. ""‘__""’ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the (hailed States of America in Congress assembled, That Andrew Ander- Allowed Y0 vuson, James T. Allen, George Benson, John Bailey, John R. Brown, Ed- ward Bourguin, Jacob Baker, William Brownson, Robert Cooper, Edward Clarke, Thomas Cross, William C. Davis, Edward G. Davis, Ephraim Eldridge, William Ellis, Dennis Finn, Nathaniel J. France, John Fowler, Robert Holliday, John Holland, David Johnston, Henry Johnson, James J. Jarvis, George Linton, Cyrus Lamontt, Cyrus Morgan, James W. Morgan, John Miller, Hans Myers, Erasmus Newman, John Parker, John Perrin, Asa Payson, Peter Robinson, James B. Read, Francisco Reeper, David Shepherd, Joseph Shepherd, William T. Smith, Christopher Scheltz, William Stevens, James Scott, John Swiler, James Tyson, Vlfilliam D. Tolbortt, William Taylor, Thomas J. Vanderslice, James B. Williams, Hiram B. Webster, James Kelly, William Denford, Edward Hansbury, Joseph E. Dunham, Charles Linguist, Gilbert Leonard, and Joseph Lampadc, all of the parish of Plaquemines in the State of Louisiana, or their legal representatives, be, and they are hereby, anthorized to enter at the land office in the southeastern land mstrict in said State, within six months after the passage of this act, section seventeen and lots one and two of section eighteen, in township twenty-three, of range thirty-three east, situated in said district, upon payment to the receiver of the said land office of one dollar and twenty-tive cents per acre: Provided, That at the time of making said entry,. they shall lllé Praviso. in the land office a survey and plat of the land entered, signed by them.