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TVVENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Szss. II. Ch. 26, 28, 35. 1845. 729 missioner of the General Land Office may prescribe, be considered for the time being, as withdrawn from sale, and not subject to entry. ’ Approved, February 26, 1845. XVI A d [ Sn·ru·r1=:II. CHAP. X- .- n Act 10 amen lee act entitled **.81; 1 ‘ " · jh]- the mzual service for l/ze fwcal year ending thea;hi1il?;/;/i"da;i;zp¢l_;:0.?tfiz(;flZ;z24i thousand cig/at hundred and_fortyjve.” Be it enacted by the Senate and House {Representatives of the United Stan; [y" America in Congress assembled, That the third section of the gizgefgigtgfh act entitled ·‘An act making appropriations for the naval service for the 107.ncr ¤pi>licafiscal year ending the thirtieth day of June, one thousand eight hundred }’l°‘.° °m°"?s °” ami forty-five," approved June seventeen, one thousand eight hundred uodgigéiiirs :21% and forty-four, shall not he understood or construed to apply to the claim qeiptvfidbrmaof an officer employed on a foreign station who would be entitled, under "°" °f lls P““‘ the provisions of previous acts of Congress, to receive the pay of a higher sage` grade, while temporarily performing the duties of such higher grade, until information of the passage of the said act shall have been received on board of the vessel to which such officer was or is attached. Approved, February 26, 1345. _"""` Srnurs II. CHAP. XXVIll.—./7n ./fc! l0 authorize a relocation of land warrants number three, F eb. 26, 1845. four, and fee, granted by Congress to General Lqfayeilc, Be it enacted by the Senate and House ry' Representatives of the YU Nm: °h· 61: United Stales of America in Congress assembled, That the legal holders Sihisérs of the or assignees of land warrants numbered three, four, and tive, granted by warrants authothe act of Congress of twenty-seventh March, one thousand eight hun- Tl26d *0 6***0* dred and four, to General Lafayette, and located at Point Ccupee, in the mlm la"ds'&'°' State of Louisiana, in three adjoining surveys of one thousand acres each, and which locations are shown to have been made in material conflict with several older and better grants, shall, upon exhibiting to the register and receiver of any land office within the State of Louisiana, his or their evidence of right to the warrants above described, be permitted, under the same rules and restrictions of the original law under which said locations were authorized, to enter and locate a like quantity of land on any of the unappropriatcd public lands in the State of L0ui·- _ siaua: Provided, That, before any such register and receiver shall issue P'°‘“°‘ to such holders or assignees any certificate of relocation, the holders or assignees shall deposite a copy of their deraignment of title from General Lafayette, and a release of title to the lands located at Point Coupee. Approved, February 26, 1845. _ S·m·ru·rz II; CHAP. XXXV.—.AZn ./2ci l0 change the lime for holding the Circuit and Criminal March l, l8f¤ Cburfs in the county 1f Wasfzivzgivn. Bc it enacted, by the Senate and House of Representaii·z»es of the United T_ H Id Stales of America, in Congress assvmbleel, That the Circuit Court of ingdga $3,: 0} the United States for the county of Wasliington, District of Columbia, circuit, court shall hereafter be held on the third Monday of October of each year, changed instead of the fourth Monday of November designated by law. . SBC. 2. And be it further enacted, That hereafter there shall he but _'l`1m¢S9fl}<>ld three terms of the criminal court for Washington county, in the District ;€l§'1["g;’EXed of Columbia, instead of the four terms of said court now fixed by law; and that said three terms hereafter shall commence and be held on the lust Monday in March, the third Monday m June, and the first Monday Pmcassmmnl 111 December, m each and every year. All process whatsoever in the able on days Said criminal court now issued or which may be issued in the county of mw fixed. Washingtoii, in said District, returnable to the days now fixed by law Von. V.-92