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TWENTY-EIGIi'1`!I CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 43. 1845. 733 age, during the recess of Congress, anything to the contrary in this act nfnwittistaiicling; and the same {ranking privilege which is granted by Franking pritms act to the members of the two Houses of Congress, is hereby ex- '"°€? €"‘“‘°$i {ended to the Vice President of the United States; and in lieu of the t° vm h°St' rates of postage now established by law, there shall be charged the following rates, viz: For €V€l'y single letter, in manuscript, or paper of posmgc m... any kind by or upon which information shall be asked for or communi- Letters. cated in writing, or by marks and signs, conveyed in the mail, for any distance under three hundred miles, live cents; and for any distance over three hundred miles, ten cents: and for a double letter there shall bc charged double these rates; and for a treble letter, treble these rates; and for a quadruple letter, quadruple these rates; and every letter or parcel not exceeding half an ounce in weight shall be deemed a single P“'°°lS· letter, and every additional weight of half an ounce, or additional weight 0I` less than half an ounce, shall be charged with an additional single postage. And all drop letters, or letters placed in any post cflice, not Dwi) letters. for transmission by mail, but for delivery only, shall be charged with _ postage at the rate of two cents each. And all letters which shall here- ,£d"°"‘°°dl°" after be advertised as remaining over in any post office shall, when de- S` livered out, be charged with the costs of advertising the same in addition to the regular postage, both to be accounted for as other postages now arc. Sec. 2. And be it farther enacted, That all newspapers of no greater Pomgc on size or superficies than nineteen hundred square inches may be trans- ¤°W$P¤P¤1'¤· mitted through the mail by the editors or publishers thereof, to all subscribers or other persons within thirty miles of the city, town, or other place in which the paper is or may be printed, free of any charge for postage whatever; and all newspapers of and under the size aforesaid, which shall be conveyed in the mail any distance beyond thirty miles from the place at which the same may be printed, shall be subject to the rates of postage chargeable upon the same under the thirtieth section of the act of Congress approved the third of March, one thousand Act of March eight hundred and twenty-five, entitled "An act to reduce into one the 3,1625, ch. 61- several acts for establishing and regulating the Post Office Department ;" and upon all newspapers of greater size or superficial extent than nineteen hundred square inches, there shall be charged and collected the same rates of postage as are prescribed by this act to be charged on magazines and pamphlets. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all printed or lithographed Postage oncirculars and handbills or advertisements, printed or lithographed on l;;'";);';. quarto post or single cap paper, or paper not larger than single cap, &_,,_’ ’ folded, directed, and unsealed, shall be charged with postage at the rate of two cents for each sheet, and no more, whatever be the distance the same may be sent; and all pamphlets, magazines, periodicals, and every Pamphlets, other kind and description of printed or other matter, (except newspa- m”€”‘“°“= &°· pers,) which shall be unconnected with any manuscript communication whatever, and which itisor may be lawful to transmit by the mail of the United States, shall be charged with postage at the rate of two and 0. half cents for each copy sent, of no greater weight than one ounce, and one cent additional shall be charged for each additional ounce of the weight of every such pamphlet, magazine, matter, or thing, which may be transmitted through the mail, whatever be the distance, the same may be transported; and any fractional excess of not less than one-half of an ounce, in the weight of any such matter or thing, above one or more ounces, shall be charged for as if said excess amounted to a full Lane,. ,,,,,,1 ounce. may be separa- Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster General Abe Ligccmnt; 5***:11 and he is hereby, authorized, upon all mail routes over or upon which ,,,,3,,, 6,,,;,,, ‘·he amount of matter usually transported, or which may be offered or for expedition.