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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. C11. 70. 1845. 751 Sm. 4. And be it furiher enacted, That upon the arrival of any Goodstobe Such goods at Santa Fé of Chihllfilllm, they, with the invoice and certi- l“Sp‘?°*°d wd gems aforesaid, shall be submitted to the inspection of the Consul of i;°;g£,§i2}H°d the United States, or such agent as the President may appoint for that Sansa F6 or pm-pose; who, if fully convinced thereof; shall, in such form as the Sc. C*“h“°h“°· cretary of the Treasury shall prescribe, certify? upon said invoice that the goods have arrived there in the original packages as imported, without change or alteration, and have been exported from the United States in good faith, to be disposed of and consumed in a foreign country. sec, 5. And be it jim/ner enacted, That if the exporter shall give Expumru, bond, with satisfactory sureties, in thrice the amount of duties, that the give bond for md merchandise by him exported has been delivered at either of the °““°’· places aforesaid without the United States, in good faith, to be sold and consumed there, and shall also produce said invoice, with the regular certilicates thereon, the collector shall thereupon pay to him the usual Drawbwk. drawback allowed by law. “'h°” P*Y“bl°- Sue. 6. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treo- Sgq_ TMS_ to sury shall appoint inspectors to reside at each of the following places to ¤PP¤i¤*_i¤¤P¢¢¢- wit; Van Buren, Fulton, and Independence, abovenamed, or such other :;*3 §:"` "°l“'Y place in Missouri as the Secretary of the Treasury shall designate; who y` shall each have a salary of two hundred and liliy dollars, and make a full report of all the trade that passes under their inspection, to the Secretary of the Treasury, semi-annually, giving an account of the number of packages, the kind of goods, the value, and the names of the exporters. Srzc. 7. And be it jin·ther enacted, That any imported merchandise EXP°!*P*i¤¤*° which has been entered, and the duties paid or secured according to ¥}g,,g‘nT:,`m,,i_ law, for drawback, may be exported to the British North American can provinces, Provinces adjoining the United States; and the ports of Plattsburg, in W d¤¤Wb¤°k· the District of Champlain; Burlington, in the District of Vermont; Pqrlv {wm Sacketts Harbor, Oswego, and Ogdensburg; in the District of Oswe- “r;2‘°l;§°;$°n gatchie; Rochester, in the District of Genesee; Buffalo and Erie, in cd_y the District of Prequ’isle; Cleveland, in the District of Cuyahoga; Sandusky and Detroit, together with such ports on the seaboard from which merchandise may now be exported, for the benefit of drawback, are hereby declared ports from whence foreign goods, wares, and merchandise, on which the import duty has been paid, or secured to be paid, may be exported to ports in the adjoining British Provinces, and to which ports foreign goods, wares, and merchandise may be transport— ed inland, or by water from the port of original importation, under existing provisions of law, to be thence exported for benefit of drawback: _ _ Provided, That such other ports situated on the frontiers of the United Pr¤v¤S<>~ States, adjoining the British North American Provinces, as may hereafter be found expedient, may have extended to them the like privileges, on the recommendation of the Secretary of the Treasury, and proclamation duly made by the President of the United States, specially designating the ports to which the aforesaid privileges are be extended. Sec. S. And be it further enacted, That all laws now in force ur re- Laws now in lation to the allowance of drawback of duties upon goods imported IIUO §°*'g°·"} "l_’m°n . . - · o rawback, UWC United States and exported therefrom, and m relation to H10 G011d!- appumblewlhe {lOl1S and evidence on which such drawback is to be paid, shall be np- preseatact. Pliibilble to the drawback allowed by this act. And, in addition to GX- £:g;l;°:° isting provisions on the subject, to entitle exporters of goods to the draw- QW", dmv_ back allowed by this uct, they shrill produce to the collector of the port mick. from which such goods, wares, and merchandise were exported, the certificate, under seal of the collector or other chief revenue officer of the port to which the said goods, wares, and merchandise were exported in the said adjoining provinces; which certificate shall be endorsed upon 21 duplicate or certified copy of the manifest granted at the time of such