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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 71. 1845. 753 For stationery, fuel, printing, and all other contingent expenses of the House ofke s House of Representatives, one hundred thousand dollars. P i For contingent expenses of the House of Representatives arising Distribution of under the resolution of June fourteenth, eighteen hundred and forty- l¤¤¤k¤- four, providing for the distribution of certain books, eighty-seven thousand seven hundred and fifty-five dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Provided, That the accounts for the said books shall be settled at the Treasury Department upon satisfactory evidence of the delivery of the same according to the intent of said resolution. Library if Congress.—For compensation of librarian, two assist- Library of ant librarians, and messenger of the library, four thousand five hun- C°"&"‘*s“· dred dollars. O °°"‘ For contingent expenses of said library, six hundred dollars. C<>¤*l¤a¤¤* For purchase of books for said library, five thousand dollars. €xP°“s°s° For purchase oflaw books for said library, one thousand dollars. Books` Executioe.——For compensation of the President of the United States, ;p;,,,,,,,,t;,.,,_ twenty-five thousand dollars. President. For repairing and painting the Presidential mansion, six thousand Repairing arid dollars, and for furnishing the same with furniture of American manu- f£*"'l*l}l”€ P'°· facture, in addition to the proceeds of the sale of the old furniture, four- sdm S h°“s°' teen thousand dollars; Provided, That the painting of the same shall be done under contract to be made with the lowest bidder, after proposals for the same shall have been published in two of the principal newspapers printed in the city of Washington, for the period of sixty days. For compensation of the Vice President of the United States, five Vice Presithousand dollars. d°“*· Department ryf State.-For compensation of the Secretary of State, State D°P¤**· and the clerks, messenger, and assistant messenger, in his office, twen- "§°,;;,,,,,.y &,,_ ty-six thousand three hundred dollars. . i For the incidental and contingent expenses of said department, viz: C¢>¤¤i¤S¤¤¢ For publishing the laws, and packing and distributing the laws and °Xp°"S°°‘ documents, including proofreading, labor, boxes, and transportation, nine thousand dollars; For stationery, blank books, binding, labor, attendance, furniture, fixtures, repairs, painting and glazing, four thousand four hundred dollars; For extra clerk hire and copying, two thousand dollars; For printing, letter-press and copperplate, advertising, books and maps, two thousand dollars; For newspapers, two hundred dollars; For miscellaneous items, one thousand dollars. For the contingent expenses of the northeast executive building, viz: _N, E._ereeu. For labor, fuel, and light, two thousand two hundred dollars; me b¤lld¤*S· — For miscellaneous items, eleven hundred dollars; For compiling, printing, and binding the Biennial Register, one thou- biennial Resand eight hundred and forty-five dollars, in addition to an unexpended S‘Sl°*· balance of former appropriation. ‘ Treasury Department.-For compensation of the Secretary of the p;‘;g‘;’;Y D°‘ Treasury, and the clerks, messenger, and assistant messenger in his 0,:;,68,,,,, Oy, oliice, twenty-seven thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. fioe ol`- For compensation of the First Comptroller, and the clerks, messenger _ and assistant messenger, in his office, twenty»eight thousand five hun- ,,.,,u,,._ P dred and fifty dollars. For compensation of the Second Comptroller, and the clerks and SeoorrdCompmessenger in his office, fifteen thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. "°ll°*’· For compensation of the First Auditor, and the clerks and messenger lst Auditor. in his office, nineteen thousand nine hundred dollars. r For compensation of the Second Auditor, and the clerks and mes- 2d Auditor. senger in his office, twenty-one thousand nine hundred dollars. · For compensation of the Third Auditor, and the clerks, messenger, 3d Auditor. Vox., V.——95