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790 TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 77. 1845. Grant of lands Third. That live entire sections of land, to be selected and located {gf ¤¤¤H?l¤éi¤¥sd under the direction of the legislature, in legal divisions of not less than ,n;sl°“ ‘° ulone quarter section, from any of the unapproprrated lands belonging to the United States within the said State, are hereby granted to the State for the purpose of completing the public buildings of the said State, or for the erection of public buildings at the seat of government of the said State, as the le islature may determine and direct. Salt springs Fourth. That all gait springs within the State, not exceeding twelve §;;Q"d‘° ‘h° in number, with six sections of land adjoining, or as contiguous as may ' be to each, shall be granted to the said State for its use; the same to be selected by the legislature thereof, within one year after the admission of said State, and the same, when so selected, to be used on such terms, conditions, and regulations, as the legislature of the State shall direct: proviso_ Provided, That no salt spring, the right whereof is now vested in any individual or individuals, or which may hereafter be confirmed or adjudged to any individual or individuals, shall, by this section, be grant- Further pm. ed to said State: Am! provided, also, That the General Assembly shall viS0- never lease or sell the same, at any one time, for a longer period than ten ears, without the consent of Congress. Five pm- cam, Fifth. That five per cent. of the niet proceeds of sales of all public °f¤<=¢ P¤‘¤<=¢¤d¤ lands lying within the said State, which have been, or shall be sold by ggxjlglgalggdfzr Congress, from and after the admission of said State, after deducting roads and ca. all the expenses incident to the same, shall be appropriated for making MIS- public roads and canals within the said State, as the legislature may Provisc. direct: Praptded, That the live foregoing propositions herein offered are on the condition that the legislature of the said State, by virtue of the powers conferred upon it by the convention which framed the constitu- _ tion of the said State, shall provide, by an ordinance, irrevocable with-

 out the consent of the United States, that the said State shall never in-

,,0,,;,,; public terfere with the primary disposal of the soil within the same by the lands, &.e. United States, nor with any regulations Congress may find necessary for npkggpgzggs **0* securing the title in such soil to the bona fide purchasers thereof; and N0,,_,.md;,,,s that no tax shall be imposed on lands the property of the United States, not to be taxed and that in no case shall non-resident proprietors be taxed higher than

L‘h°¤ '°‘ residents; and that the bounty lands granted, or hereafter to be granted,

B,,,m{y lands for military services during the late war, shall, while they continue to exempt from be held by the patentees or their heirs, remain exempt from any tax laid

g°';£;` by order or under the authority of the State, whether for State, county,

ytownship, or any other purpose, for the term of three years fiom and after the date of the patents, respectively. Approved, March 3, 1845. Srnurz II. —-- Mnmh 3» WU- Cmm. LXXVIl.—./2n Act melting appropriations for the naval service fan- the year cnding {hc thzrlzclh Juno, eighteen hundred and forty-aix. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Appmpm- United States rj America in Congress assembled, That the following ¢i¤¤¤- sumgdbe appropgiated out off guy unappropriated money in the treasury, in a ition tot e unex en e balances of former appro riations, for the naval service, for the figcal year commencing on the fiist day of July, eiggteen lgungreg and forty-five, and ending on the thirtieth day of June, eig teen un re and orty-six: Pay ofoffieers For pay of commission, warrant, and petty officers, and seamen, in-

{‘£;:;“;;;1l"' cluding the engineer corps of the navy, two million five hundred and

nm. coms_ nine thousand one hundred and eighty-nine dollars: Provided, That Proviso. the whole number of petty officers, seamen, ordinary seamen, landsmen, and boys, in the naval service, shall not exceed seven thousand five hundred gt any one time during the fiscal year for which this appropriation is ma e;