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800 TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ras. 11, 13. 1845. additional copies of the work, in all respects like the foregoing, as the Government from time to time may require, at prices not to exceed two dollars and seventy-five cents a volume; and they shall stipulate, with such security for the faithful performance of all parts of the contract which the Attorney General is herein authorized to make; aud, in addition to such security, they shall execute to the United States a conveyance of the stereotype plates from which the first copies shall be printed, for the purpose of printing the additional copies thereof, in such form that inwhosesoever hands the plates may be at any future and distant period of time, the delivery of such additional copies to the United States may be effectually secured; they shall make immediate insurance on such plates, for the benefit of the United States and the proprietors of the plates, against loss by fire; and on the plates of the title page of each volume the interest of the United States in the plates as defined by this resolution, shall be printed. Ninth. Before the United States shall be called on to pay for any volume of the work, it shall be submitted to the Attorney General, or to such other officer or officers of the Government as Congress may designate; and on his or their approbation thereof, and his or their decision that it is edited and printed in all respects according to the contract, it shall be paid for from the Treasury of the United States. Appropriation. Sec. 2. And be it furtherenoctezl, That, for the purpose aforesaid, there be appropriated and paid, out of any money rn the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, a sum not exceeding twenty-one thousand dollars. Al’PROVED, March 3, 1845. [ _ N0. 11. ./2 Joint Resolution authorizi the Secret o War to an balance

 that may be due the Shawnee Inndimcs who smerzzeclfin the   wgbr.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Secretary of States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War

 Lgt5f;:?; be, and he is hereby, authorized and required to pay any balance that

Fp,,,d,_ may be due the Shawnee Indians who served in the Florida war, under an order issued by the Secretary of War, dated July twenty-second, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, in which the Indians were promised the sum of two hundred and seventy dollars for six months’ service; and that the Secretary be required to pay, according to said order, to the chiefs of said tribe of Indians, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Am-novnn, March 3, 1845. March 3, ]845_ No. 13. Joint Resolution tojix the time when the ad to reduce the rates of poslage,

 to lirnit the use and correct the abuse of the franking privilege, and for the pre-

3 1845 ch. 43,. omtion ty" frauds on the revenues of the Post 0_§%e Departmemf, passed at this ’session, shall go mlo efect. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Act to go inte States of America in Congress assembled, That the act " to reduce the ggicilglgsl rates of postage, to limit the use and correct the abuse of the franking Yprivilege, and for the prevention of frauds on the revenues of the Post Oflice Department," passed at the present session, shall go into effect. on and after the first day of July next, and not sooner, anything in said act to the contrary notwithstanding. Armtovnn, March 3, 1845.