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APPENDIX. 803 ¢·Be it further enacted, That whenever it may be necessary to form heavy The round embenkments, piers, or moles, at the mouths of creeks, or along the river shore, formedin confer basins and other purposes, andthe president and directors may deem it expe- ¤¤’¤<=¤¤8 ¤¥¤· diem to give xt greater strength to the same, by widenin them, and constructing kgnkwng my them of the most solid materials, the ground so former? for such useful purpose °° ’ °' may by them, when so improved, be sold out, or let for terms of years, us they may deem most expedient lbr the company, on such conditions as may direct the application of the proceeds thereof to useful purposes, and at the same time repay the necessary expenseof the formation of such embankments, piers, or moles: Provided, That this power shall in no case be exercised so as to injure the navi- Proviso. gation of the canal. , “ This act shall be in force, so {hr ns relates to the eastern section of the canal, _ This act to be on its receivin the assent of the Legislature of Maryland, and of the Congress rn ¤"¤¤>e wlwm of the United gtates; and shall be valid as relates to both sections, on its receiv- &°· ing the further assent of the Legislature of Pennsylvania. “APPROVED, March 3, 1837."