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leries operated on the sour-mash principle, in which distilleries sixty gallons of beer brewed or fermented from grain shall represent not less than one bushel of grain, and except that in distilleries where the filtration-aeration process is used, with the approval of the Commis- sioner; that is, where the mash after it leaves the mash tub is passed through a filtering machine before it is run into the fermenting tub, and only the filtered liquor passes into the fermenting tub, there shall be no limitation upon the number of gallons of water which may be used in the process of mashing or filtration for fermentation; but the Commissioner, with the approval of the Secretary, in order to protect the revenue, shall be authorized to prescribe by regulation, to be made by him, such character of survey as he may find suitable for distil- leries using such filtration-aeration process. The provisions hereof relating to filtration-aeration process shall apply only to sweet-mash distilleries. A written report of such survey shall be made in triplicate, of which one copy shall be delivered to the distiller, one copy shall be retained by the collector, and one copy shall be transmitted to the Commissioner and the survey shall take effect upon the delivery of such copy to the distiller. Whenever the Commissioner is satisfied that any report of the capacity of a distillery is incorrect or needs revision, he shall direct the collector to make in like manner another survey of said distillery, and the report thereof shall be made and deposited as hereinbefore required: Provided, That the survey of any distillery estimated and stated by the distiller, in his notice of intention to distill, as capable of dis- tilling not more than one hundred and fifty proof gallons of distilled spirits every twenty-four hours may be made by the collector or by a deputy collector without the aid of an assistant; and that all surveys made for the purpose of correcting clerical errors or errors of compu- tation existing in the report of a previous survey, and all surveys made for the purpose of changing the true spirit producing capacity of any distillery for a day of twenty-four hours as estimated and determined by a previous survey, but which surveys do not require the remeasuring of the fermenting tubs in a grain or molasses dis- tillery, or the still or stills in a distillery of apples, peaches, or grapes exclusively, may be made without taking the measurements of the fermenting tubs or stills, as the case may be, and without revisiting the distillery: And prorided further, That the Commissioner may, whenever he shall deem it proper, designate an officer, agent, or person other than the collector or deputy collector, to make, with or without the aid of a designated assistant, the surveys and resurveys hereinabove pro- vided for. (b) WAIVER OF REQUIREMENTS.- The Secretary in the case of any distillery may, under regulations, waive such of the requirements of this section as he determines may be waived without danger to the revenue. Whenever the Secretary, by authority of this subsection, waives any or all of the requirements of this section, he may, by regulation, relieve the distiller from such requirements of sections 2840 (a), 2846 (a), 2847 (a), 2'849, 2850 (a), and 2851 (a), and of such other provisions of law relating or incidental to survey requirements, as the Secretary determines may be waived without danger to the revenue. (c) CROSS RE-ERENCEs.- (1) EXEMPTI1 OF EIHYL ALCOHOL DISTIl.EB. -- For exemption, in certain cases, of ethyl alcohol distillers from the provisions of this section, see section 2848 (2) TRNSFER OF DUTIEs. - For transfer of powers and duties of Commiailoner and his agents, see section 3170. 98907o-39- -T. 1 -- -21 LIQUOR 313