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of the worm or condenser by suitable pipes or other apparatus, so constructed as always to be exposed to the view of the officer, and so connected and constructed as to prevent the abstraction of spirits while passing from the outlet of the worm or condenser back to the still or doubler, or forward to the receiving cistern. Such cisterns and the room in which they are contained shall be in charge and under the lock and seal of the storekeeper-gauger designated for that duty; and all locks and seals required by law shall be provided by the Commissioner, at the expense of the United States; and the keys shall be in charge of the collector or such storekeeper-gauger as he may designate. On the third day after the spirits are conveyed into such cistern they shall be drawn off into casks, under the super- vision of such storekeeper-gauger and be removed directly to the distillery warehouse; but on special application to the collector by the owner, agent, or superintendent of any distillery, the spirits may be drawn off from said cisterns, under the supervision of the store- keeper-gauger, at any time previous to the third day. Whenever, under authority of law, the Secretary shall relieve a distiller from the survey requirements, he may, by regulation, re- quire the distiller to provide such receiving cisterns, tanks, or such other equipment as the Secretary shall deem proper in order to protect the revenue. (b) TRANSFER OF DUTIES.- For transfer of powers and duties of Commissioner and his agents, see section 3170. SEC. 2821. PENALTY FOR BREAKING LOCKS OR GAINING ACCESS TO CISTERN ROOM OR BUILDING. Every person who destroys, breaks, injures, or tampers with any lock or seal which may be placed on any cistern room or building by the duly authorized officers of the revenue, or opens said lock or seal, or the door to said cistern room or building, or in any man- ner gains access to the contents therein, in the absence of the proper officer, shall be fined not less than $500 nor more than $5,000, and imprisoned not less than one year nor more than three years. SEC. 2822. REQUIREMENTS AS TO FURNACES, TUBS, DOUBLERS, WORM TANKS, AND FIXED PIPES. (a) REQUIEMENTS.-T he door of the furnace of every still or boiler used in any distillery shall be so constructed that it may be securely fastened and locked. The fermenting tubs shall be so placed as to be easily accessible to any revenue officer, and each tub shall have distinctly painted thereon in oil colors its cubic contents in gallons and the number of the tub. There shall be a clear space of not less than one foot around every wood still and not less than two feet around every doubler and worm tank. The doubler and worm tanks shall be elevated not less than one foot from the floor; and every fixed pipe to be used by the distiller except for conveyance of water, or of spent mash or beer only, shall be so fixed and placed as to be capable of being examined by the officer for the whole of its length or course, and shall be painted, and kept painted, as fol- lows, that is to say: every pipe for the conveyance of mash or beer shall be painted of a red color; every pipe for the conveyance of low-wines back into the still or doubler shall be painted blue; every pipe for the conveyance of spirits shall be painted black, and every pipe for the conveyance of water shall be painted white. Whenever any fixed pipe is used by any distiller which is not painted or kept painted as herein directed, or which is painted otherwise than as herein directed, he shall forfeit the sum of $1,000. (b) TRANsrE OF Dr s. - For transfer of powers and duties of Commissioner and his agents, see section 8170. LIQUOR 315