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SUGAR 429 cones, or molded shapes, confectioners' sugar, washed sugar, cen- trifugal sugar, clarified sugar, turbinado sugar, plantation white sugar, muscovado sugar, refiners' soft sugar, invert sugar mush, raw sugar, sirups, molasses, and sugar mixtures. (c) TOTAL SUGARs. -T he term "total sugars" means the total amount of the sucrose (Clerget) and of the reducing or invert sugars. The total sugars contained in any grade or type of manufactured sugar shall be ascertained in the manner prescribed in paragraphs 758, 759, 762, and 763 of the United States Customs Regulations (1931 edition). (d) UNrrED STATES. -The term "United States" shall be deemed to include the States, the Territories of Hawaii and Alaska, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. SEC. 3508. TERMINATION OF TAXES. No tax shall be imposed on the manufacture, use, or importation of sugar after June 30, 1941.