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CODIFICATION OF INTERNAL REVENUE LAWS S6C. 914. AUTHORITY OF COMMISSIONER In connection with the establishment of the facts required to be established under this title, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue is hereby authorized, by any officer or employee of the Treasury Department and of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, including the field service, designated by him for that purpose, to examine any books, papers, records, or memoranda which are relevant and material in connection with any claim made pursuant to this title, to require the attendance of the claimant or of any officer or employee of the claimant, or the attendance of any other person having knowledge in the premises, and to take, or cause to be taken, his testimony with reference to any such matter, with power to administer oaths to such person or persons. It shall be lawful for the Commissioner, or any person designated by him, to summon witnesses to appear before the Commissioner, or before any person designated by him, at a time and place named in the summons, and to produce such books, papers, correspondence, memoranda, or other records as the Commissioner may deem relevant or material, and to give testimony or answer interrogatories, under oath, relating to any claim made pursuant to this title. The provisions of 3174 and 3175 of the Revised Statutes, as amended, shall be applicable with respect to any summons issued pursuant to the provisions of this title. Any witness summoned under this title shall be paid the same fees and mileage as are paid witnesses in the courts of the United States. All information ob- tained by the Commissioner pursuant to this section shall be available to the Secretary of Agriculture upon written request therefor. Such information shall be kept confidential by all officers and employees of the Department of Agri- culture, and any such officer or employee who violates this requirement shall, upon conviction, be subject to a fine of not more than $1,000 or to imprisonment for not more than one year, or both, and shall be removed from office. (U. S . C., Title 7, § 656.) SEO. 915. SALABIES AND ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES Funds made available to the Secretary of Agriculture by the appropriation for the fiscal year 1936 in section 32 of Public Numbered 320, 74th Congress, ap- proved August 24, 1935, to the extent of the unobligated balance thereof; and by the appropriation in section 12 (a) of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, in an amount not in excess of $15,000 ,000; shall be available until June 30, 1937, for transfer to the Treasury Department for salaries and administrative expenses in carrying out the provisions of this title and of Title IV, including necessary investigative work, and for refunds and payments under Title IV. Such funds shall be available for expenditure by the Secretary of the Treasury for personal services and rent in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, for law books, books of reference, press releases, trade journals, periodicals, and newspapers, for contracting reporting services, printing and paper in addition to allotments under the existing law, travel expenses, for mileage and per diem of witnesses, in lieu of subsistence, payment of which mileage and per diem may be made in advance upon certification of such officers as the Commissioner or the Secre- tary may designate, and such certification shall be conclusive. In addition to the foregoing, the administrative expenses provided for in this section shall include such miscellaneous expenses as may be authorized or approved by the Commissioner or the Secretary for carrying out the provisions of this title, including witness fees and mileage for experts, notarial fees, or like services, and stenographic work for taking depositions. (U. S . C ., Title 7, § 657.) SEC. 916. BULES AND RBaULATIONS The Commissioner shall, with the approval of the Secretary, prescribe such rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary to carry out the provisions of this title. (U. S . C., Title 7, § 658.) SlC. 917. PERSONNEL (a) The Secretary may appoint such officers, attorneys, economists, and other experts without regard to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, and with- out regard to the civil-service laws or regulations, as are necessary to execute the functions vested in him and the Commissioner by this title. No compensa- tion at a rate in excess of $8,500 per annum shall be paid to any such appointee. (b) Officers and employees of the other executive departments and establish- ments of the Government may, at the request of the Secretary of the Treasury, and with approval of the head of any such department or establishment, be detailed to the Treasury Department from time to time for such temporary duties as may be necessary in carrying out the provisions of this title. The proper appropriation of such executive department or establishment from which such officers or employees are so detailed shall be reimbursed by the Treasury