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CXXX CODIFICATION OF INTERNAL REVENUE LAWS Secretary of the Treasury shall fail to accept or reject an arrangement for more than sixty days after receipt of written notice so to do from the court to which the arrangement has been proposed, accompanied by a certified copy of the arrangement, his consent shall be conclusively presumed. SEw. 456. A creditor may act in person, by an attorney-at-law, or by a duly authorized agent or committee and, if he shall act by an agent or committee, the court shall examine and may disregard any provision of a power or warrant of attorney, deposit agreement, trust indenture and committee, or other authori- zation affecting such creditor, and enforce an accounting thereunder and restrain the exercise of any power which it finds to be unfair or not consistent with public policy. SEC. 457. Where not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter, the rights, duties, and liabilities of creditors and of all other persons with respect to the property of the debtor shall be the same, where a petition is filed under section 421 of this Act, as if a decree of adjudication had been entered in the pending bankruptcy proceeding at the time the petition under this chapter was filed, or, where a petition is filed under section 422 of this Act, as if a voluntary petition for adjudication in bankruptcy had been filed and a decree of adjudication had been entered at the time the petition under this chapter was filed. SEo. 458. In case an executory contract shall be rejected pursuant to the pro- visions of an arrangement or to the permission of the court given in a proceeding under this chapter, or shall have been rejected by a receiver in bankruptcy or receiver in equity in a prior pending proceeding, any person injured by such rejection shall, for the purposes of this chapter and of the arrangement, its acceptance and confirmation, be deemed a creditor. The claim of the landlord for injury resulting from the rejection of an unexpired lease of real estate or for damages or indemnity under a covenant contained in such lease shall be provable, but shall be limited to an amount not to exceed the rent, without acceleration, reserved by such lease for the three years next succeeding the date of the surrender of the premises to the landlord or the date of reentry of the landlord, whichever first occurs, whether before or after the filing of the petition, plus unpaid accrued rent, without acceleration, up to the date of surrender or reentry: Provided, That the court shall scrutinize the circumstances of an assignment of a future rent claim and the amount of the consideration paid for such assignment in determining the amount of damages allowed the assignee thereof. SEC. 459. Upon the entry of an order under the provisions of this chapter directing that bankruptcy be proceeded with, only such claims as are provable under section 63 of this Act shall be allowed, and claims not already filed may be filed within three months after the first date set for the first meeting of creditors, held pursuant to section 55 of this Act. ARTICLE VIII-PROVISIONS OF ARRANGEMENT SEC. 461. An arrangement- (1) shall include provisions modifying or altering the rights of creditors who bold debts secured by real property or a chattel real of a debtor, generally or of a class of them, either through the issuance of new securities of any character or otherwise; (2) shall provide for the rights of all other creditors of a debtor who may be affected by the arrangement; (3) may provide for treatment of unsecured debts on a parity one with the other, or for the division of such debts into classes and the treatment thereof in different ways or upon different terms; (4) may provide for the rejection of any executory contract; (5) may provide for the continuation of debtor's business and the management of his property with or without supervision or control by a trustee or by a committee of creditors or otherwise; (6) may provide for payment of debts incurred after the filing of the petition and during the pendency of the arrangement, in priority over the debts affected by such arrangement; (7) may deal with all or any part of his property; (8) shall provide for the payment of all costs and expenses of administration and other allowances which may be approved or made by the judge; (9) shall specify what debts, if any, are to be paid in cash in full; (10) shall specify the creditors or any class of them not to be affected by the arrangement and the provisions, if any, with respect to them; (11) shall provide for any class of creditors which is affected by and does not accept the arrangement by the two-thirds majority in amount required under this chapter, adequate protection for the realization by them of the value of their debts against the property dealt with by the arrangement and affected by such debts, either, as provided in the arrangement or in the order confirming the arrangement, (a) by the transfer or sale, or by the retention by the debtor, of such property subject to such debts; or (b) by a sale of such property free