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INDEX Hog Cholera Virus and Serum, marketing agreements with respect to, funds available for------------------- Hogback Irrigation Project, N. Mex., ap. propriation for------------------ Holding Companies. See Personal Hold- ing Companies. Holland. See Netherlands. Home Economics, Bureau of. See Agri- culture, Department of. Home Loan Bank Board. See Federal Home Loan Bank Board. Home Owners' Loan Act of 1933, Amend- ments: Amortization period for loans, extension_ Federal Savings and Loan Associations, liability for employment taxes---- Installments, etc., time extensions for payment of, authorized----------- Home Owners' Loan Corporation: Appropriation for-------------------- Check clearance, etc., expenses, transfer of funds to Treasury Department authorized -------------------- Transfer of, to Federal Loan Agency --- Honduras, appropriation for minister to - Honolulu, appropriation for hydrographic office-------.------------------- Hoopa Valley Hospital, Calif., appropria- tion for construction, repair, etc- _ 70' Hoover, Herbert, procurement of portrait of, by Joint Committee on the Li- brary authorized------------------ Hopi Hospital, Ariz., appropriation for- __ Hopi Indians, Ariz. and N. Mex., appro- priation for irrigation projects---- 691 Hopkins, Eugene O. (Lt. Col.), credit in accounts------------------------ Hops, time extended in which orders, etc., under Agricultural Adjustment Act may be applicable to ------------- Horses and Mules, transfer of old, by War Department to humane organizations- Hot Springs, Ark., appropriation for main- tenance, Army and Navy Hospital_ - Hot Springs National Park, Ark.: Appropriation for administration-. . ---- Extension of boundaries, cost limitation repealed ----------------------- Appropriation authorized----------- Appropriation for------------- Donations of lands, etc., acceptance authorized - . ___--

House of Representatives. See also Con- gress; Legislative Branch of the Gov- ernment. Appropriation for- -- 513, 627, 826, 981, Bacon, Robert L., payment to widow- Boylan, John J., payment to widow-- Chaplain.----.--.--------------- Page House of Representatives-Continued. Page Appropriation for-Continued. Clerk, Office of the---------------- 826 Clerk hire------------------- 829, 1301 Committee employees-------------- 826 Committee stenographers----------- 829 Contingent expenses-------- 829, 981, 1302 Cravens, Ben, payment to widow -. . 513 Daly, J. Burrwood, payment to widow----------------------- 627 Debates, official reporters of-------- 829 Doorkeeper, Office of------- 828, 981, 1301 Gambrill, Stephen W., payment to widow---------------------- 513 Gasque, Allard H., payment to widow----------------------- 513 Griswold, Harry Wilbur, payment to widow--------------------- 1301 Lord, Bert, payment to widow------ 981 McReynolds, Sam D., payment to widow ---------------------- 1301 Owen, Emmett Marshall, payment to children--

981 Pages- August 1939------------------- 1301 July 1939------- ------------- 981 Post office----------------------- 829 Press Gallery, additional messenger - 981 Radio Press Gallery, superintendent- 981 Salaries and mileage -------------- 826 Sergeant at Arms, Office of--------- 828 Speaker, Office of the-------------- 826 Speaker's Table ------------------ 826 Special and minority employees----- 828 Telegraph and telephone service_ 627, 981 Turner, Clarence W., payment to widow----------------------- 981 Clerk hire, additional provided - .- --- - 1080 Amount for, for Members, Delegates, and Resident Commissioners; maximum salary ------ .. . . .. - 1080 Appropriation for ---------------- 1302 District of Columbia Committee, funds made available for pay of technical counsel, etc--------------------- 1009 Employees, payment of salaries when last day of month falls on Sunday or legal holiday... -. ... -- -. ... .- - 802 Funeral expenses, limitation on use of funds for----------------------- 830 Special and select committees, funds continued available for---------- 981 House Office Buildings: Appropriation for- Maintenance and repair------------ 832 Police force----------------------- 828 Police force, details from, for duty on Capitol Grounds---------------- 831 Housing, national census of, in 1940----- 1406 LII