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INDEX LV Indians-Continued. Pine Ridge Sioux lost allotment claims, correction of list authorized------- Purchases from, by Government em- ployees, authorized ------------- Puyallup Tribal School property, Tacoma, Wash., a cquisition of, for Indian sanatorium purposes; appro- priation authorized _------------ Quapaw, Okla., period of restriction on lands of, extended; leasing for busi- ness, etc., purposes .------------ Reclamation projects, determination of ability of water users to pay con- struction charges for 1938, etc --- Definition of terms--------------- Extension of time for payment in certain cases----------------- Fish screens, construction by Bureau of Fisheries ------------------ Rocky Boy Reservation, Mont., lands added to__-------------------- San Carlos irrigation project, deferment of collection of certain construction charges approved -------------- Shoshone, Wind River Reservation, Wyo., distribution of judgment fund to members ----------- Land-use districts, establishment of - Prior debts, liability for ---------- Purchase of lands; loan fund, etc --. Availability of funds for --------- Restoration to tribal ownership of all undisposed-of surplus or ceded lands ------------- ---------- Tongue River Reservation, Mont.- Tongue River Reservoir project, execution of contracts for water for irrigating lands on, author- ized; appropriation authorized-- Umatilla Rescrvation, Oreg., restoration to tribal ownership of certain lands Winnebago Agency, Nebr., deposit of sum to credit of, to replace funds lost in bank failure ---------- Yakima Reservation, Wash., reserva- tion of right-of-way across, for Bon- neville project; consent of individual allottees, etc- ------------------ Industrial Property, International Bureau for Protection of, appropriation for contribution ... -- --- --- ---- --- - Industry, vocational rehabilitation of per- sons disabled in, appropriation for_ -- Infantry School, Fort Benning, Ga., appro- priation for maintenance ----------- Inland Waterways Corporation, transfer of, to Department of Commerce---- Insanity Proceedings. See District of Co- lumbia. Page 784 840 1405 1127 792 793 793 917 552 1221 1128 1129 1130 1129 1130 1129 1411 1351 1267 120' 891 73: 60, 143 Insect-Pest Survey and Identification, Page appropriation for ----------------- 961

nsect Pests and Plant Diseases, funds

for control of emergency outbreaks of, continued available ------------- 962 Appropriation for -------

514, 821 Insecticide Act, appropriation for enforce- ment---------------------------- 971 Insecticide and Fungicide Investigations, appropriation for ----------------- 962 Insignia, unauthorized manufacture, sale, or possession of, prescribed by heads of Government departments, etc., pro- hibited ----------------------- 752 Insolvent Banks, refund of taxes errone- ously collected from, etc --- ------ -- 884 Insular Affairs, Bureau of. See Interior, Department of the. Insurance Companies: Net operating loss deduction, allowance of----------------------------- 868 Other than life or mutual- Deductions of--------------------- 881 Gross income, definition for personal holding company tax --------- 881 Tax on- Life----------------------------- 865 Mutual, other than life------------ 865 Other than life or mutual ---------- 865 Insurance Contributions Act, Federal, subchapter of Internal Revenue Code relating to employment by others than carriers designated as --------- 1387 Insured Mail Matter, penalty for false claims for loss of------------------ 1203 Inter-American Cultural Relations, Con- vention for the Promotion of, appro- priation for meeting obligations un- der -----------------------------. 892 Inter-American Highway, appropriation for continuation of survey and con- struction --------------------- 1305 Inter-American Radio Conference, Sec- ond, appropriation for participation_ - 1324 Inter-American Radio Office, appropria- tion for contribution--------------- 1323 Inter-American Trade Mark Bureau, ap- propriation for contribution--------- 891 Intercoastal Shipping Act, 1933, Amend- ment. See also Merchant Marine Act, 1936, Amendments; Shipping Act, 1916, Amendment. Rates, etc., hearings on; burden of proof- 1182 Interferences. See Patents. Interior, Department of the. See also Secretary of the Interior. Aerial photographs for mapping proj- ects, cooperation by War and Navy Departments; payment of expenses----------------------- 721 LV INDEX