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LXXVII Naval Academy-Continued. Museum, active-duty pay, etc. , to retired officer assigned for duty as curator -----------.------------ Swordsmanship and physical training, limitation on number of instructors_ Naval Aircraft Factory, Philadelphia, Pa., construction at, authorized--------- Naval Aviation Reserve Act of 1939 ---- Aviation cadets, reserve commissions after completion of training ------ Active duty- Completion of, lump sum payment; pay adjustment----------.. Peacetime, limitation on---------- Period of -------------------- Appropriations available----------- Back pay, etc., restriction on------ Commissioned service, commence- ment of---------------------- Life insurance, continuation after commission; payment of pre- miums---------------------- Personnel board, appointment of; report------------- --------- Promotions--------------------- Repeal provisions---------------- Uniform allowance-------------- Naval Home, Philadelphia, Pa., appro- priation for--------------------- Naval Observatory, appropriation for - -- 7i Naval Petroleum Reserves: Appropriation for- Operation and conservation-------- Protection of interests of United States in matters affecting oil lands in former------------ - Naval officers, retired, active-duty pay to, assigned to--------------- Naval Records of World War, appropria- tion for preparation, etc ---------- Naval Research Laboratory, appropria- tion for-__--------------------- Naval Reserve. See Navy. Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps: Appropriation for expenses ---------- Naval Academy, appointments to, from ----------------------- Uniforms, etc. , furnishing from surplus stocks authorized --------------- Naval Stations, extension of commissary privileges at, beyond continental limits, to civilian officers and em- ployees--------------------------- Naval Stores Act, appropriation for carry- ing provisions into effect----------- Naval-Stores Investigations, appropria- tion for------------------------ Naval Supply Account Fund, increase--- Page 767 763 590 819 819 820 820 821 820 820 820 820 821 819 820 820 763 637, 30,782 759 537 767 781 751 76( 769 76( 814 97] 95! 76i Naval Vessels: Page Appropriation for- Alteration .------------------ 777,1322 Replacement ---------------- 778, 1322 Argonaut, alterations authorized; limit of cost increased------------ 582, 1045 Auxiliary, acquisition and conversion or construction of certain, author- ized--------------------------- 618 Certain cost provisions deleted; limi- tation on total cost not to be ex- ceeded----------------------- 619 Sums available ------------------ 619 Narwhal, alterations authorized; limit of cost increased------------- 582, 1045 Nautilus, alterations authorized; limit of cost increased------------- 582, 1045 Overhauls, removal of cost limitations for- California----------------------- 1079 Colorado---------------------- 1079 Maryland-.---------------------- 1079 Tennessee ----------------------- 1079 West Virginia------------------- 1079 Naval War College, appropriation for---- 759 Navigation. See also Vessels. Motorboats- Outboard, exemption from certain requirements when competing in prearranged race------------- 1257 Pilot rules, requirement to carry copies on board removed------- 1257 Navigation, Bureau of. See Navy De- partment. Navigation, Permanent International Com- mission of the Congresses of, appro- priation for support -.-------------- 859 Navy. See also Naval Vessels; Navy De- partment. Aviation. See Naval Aviation Reserve Act of 1939. Commissary stores outside continental limits, cashing of Government pay checks of retired personnel author- ized--------------------------- 1043 Disabled members, pensions to; rates - 1180 Embassies, etc., in foreign countries, en- listed men as custodians ---------- 889 Reimbursement for expenses -------- 890 Flags for burial of honorably discharged members--__------------------- 999 Food articles not produced in U. S., re- striction on procurement of; excep- tion-- ------------------------ 767 Household servants, restriction on en- listed men as------------------ 767 Inspectors of buildings abroad, couriers, etc., a ssignment of officers as, au- thorized----------


896 Maritime Commission, compensation of personnel detailed to------------ 1182 INDEX . -v w or s