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LXXXVII Pima Indians, Ariz.: Page Appropriation for- Construction and repair------------ 712 Lands of, continuation of subjugation and cropping operations on --- 700 Support, etc---------------------- 708 Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth and Thomas, acquisition of papers of, by Library of Congress, authorized; ap- propriation authorized ------------ 572 Appropriation for-------------------- 627 Pine Camp, N. Y., acquisition of additional land authorized------------------- 1123 Pine Ridge Hospital, S. Dak., appropria- tion for ------------------------- 707 Pine Ridge Reservation, S. Dak.: Appropriation for construction and repair ------------------ 712,1316 Pine Ridge Sioux lost allotment claims, correction of list authorized------- 784 Pine River Project, Colo., appropriation for construction------------------ 719 Pink Bollworm, discussions with Mexican Government and various States to prepare plans for eradication of, au- thorized------------------------- 1273 Pink Bollworm Control, appropriation for---------------------------- 961 Pipestone, Minn., appropriation for educa- tion of Indians ------------------- 705 Pipestone Hospital, Minn., appropriation for----------------------------- 707 Pittsburgh, Pa., appropriation for build- ings and grounds, mining experiment station--------------------------- 723 Plant Diseases, funds for control of emer- gency outbreaks of, continued availa- ble------------------------------ 962 Appropriation for ---------------- 514 , 821 Plant Industry, Bureau of. See Agricul- ture, Department of. Plant Nutrition, appropriation for investi- gations ----------------------- 953 Plant Quarantine Act, appropriation for carrying provisions into effect ------ 959 Platt National Park, Okla., appropriation for administration, etc------------- 727 Plum River, Ill., examination for flood- control purposes authorized--------- 141( Pocatello, Idaho, appropriation for game- management supply depot and labo- ratory--------------------------- 96 Point Arguello, Calif., Naval Direction Finder Station, construction at, au- thorized------------------------ 80( Point Barrow, Alaska, construction of hospital, balance continued available for----------------------------- 98( Point Loma, Calif., Naval Radio Station, s construcllon az, aulbuoraeu- ------- - " Point Saint George, Calif., Naval Direc- tion Finder Station, construction at, authorized----------------------- Poland, appropriation for ambassador to- Polar Exploration. See International Ex- hibition of Polar Exploration. Police Commission. See International Criminal Police Commission. Political Activities: Unlawful acts- Administrative positions, use of offi- cial authority by persons in, in interfering with elections------ Executive departments, etc., inter- ference by employees in elections; active participation; exemptions- Penalty for violation ---------- Membership in political party or or- ganization advocating overthrow of constitutional form of govern- ment----------------------- Penalty for violation ------------ Promise of employment, etc-------- ·Relief and work relief- Contributions for political pur- poses---------------------- Disclosure of names for political purposes ----------------- Discriminations in connection with- Funds appropriated for, use for po- litical purposes ------------ Penalty for violation of provi- sions-------------------- Voting, coercion or interference with right of--------------------- Political Activity, promises of or denial of benefits under relief appropriations unlawful----------------------- Penalty provisions------------------- Political Refugees, International Com- mittee on, appropriation for ------- Poplar, Mont., time extended for bridging Missouri River at----------------- Poplarville, Miss., removal of certain restrictions regarding acquisition of site for post-office building---- ---- Port Arthur, Tex., time extended for bridg- ing Lake Sabine at---------------- Portage River, Ohio, examination for flood- control purposes authorized-------- Portland, Maine, appropriation for hydro- graphic office--------------------- Portland, Oreg.: Appropriation for hydrographic office- Old Federal building, disposal author- ized------------------------- Portsmouth, N. H, construction at Navy Yard, authorized------------------ Appropriation for------------------- PortAual aDnroDriation for minister to--- Page 800 887 1147 1148 1148 1148 1149 1147 1148 1148 1147 1148 1148 1147 988 1057 1128 1121 1416 781 781 819 798 773 887 INDEX -- Pror-