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INDEX Social Security Act Amendments of 1939-Continued. Revenue Act of 1939, assumption of lia- bility not recognized under prior Acts, application of provisions with- out regard to exception in certain cases; claims for refund of over- payments, time limitation------- Social Security Board, supervision by. Federal Security Administrator-- "State" defined -------------------- State legislatures failing to pass certain legislation for transfer of funds; action to be taken------------- Unemployment compensation adminis- tration, grants to States for- Certification of amount determined by Board; basis of determina- tion- ----------------------- State laws, provisions required ----- Unemployment compensation laws, State, increase in authorization for appropriations for administration of ------------------------- Social Security Board. See also Social Security Act; Social Security Act Amendments of 1939. Appropriation for- Damage claims---------------- Grants to States- Blind, aid to ---------------- Dependent children, aid to----- Old-age assistance ------------ Page 1402 1402 1398 1401 1378 1378 581 644 541 541 541 Unemployment comilpensation aIl- ministration -- 513, 541, 630, 1301 Printing and binding .-- ---- - 5i1t Salaries and expenses ------------ 540, 1304 Check clearance, etc., expenses, transfer of funds to Treasury Department authorized--------------------- 674 Division of Disbursement, Treasury Department, transfer of funds to, authorized --------------- 657 Federal Security Administrator, super- vision of, by------------------- 1402 Interchange of designated appropria- tions ------------------------ 542 Old-age Insurance, Bureau of, reim- bursement of employees for ex- penses of official travel----------- 1304 State legislatures failing to pass certain legislation for transfer of funds; action to be taken by----------- 1401 Transfer of, to Federal Security Agency --------------------- United States Employment Service, consolidation of functions with---- Social Security Board Building, appro- priation for acquisition of land and construction ------------------ 1425 1426 673 Soil Conservation and Domestic Allot- ment Act: Amendment- Crop insurance, advances to pro- ducers for, authorized ---- Appropriation for administrative ex- penses ----------------------- Soil Conservation Service. See Agricul- ture, Department of. Soil Investigations, appropriation for---- Soldiers and Sailors, increased Federal aid to State and Territorial homes for disabled-----.-------- -------- Soldiers' Home, United States, appropria- tion for------------------------ South American Republics. See American Republics. South Boston Drydock, equipment of, for use as annex to Boston Navy Yard in repair of vessels; appropriation au- thorized----------------------- South Carolina: Kings Mountain National Military Park, construction of administra- tion-museum building, appropria- tion for--------------------- Rivers and harbors, preliminary exam- inations authorized -------------- South Charleston, W. Va., appropriation for operation of sohool at ordnance station ---------------------- South Dakota: Appropriation for- Indians- Clieye'nne River Reservation, ptur- CV Page 973 1145 860 801 766 claseofland---- (695 Support, et ' 707, 1316 Wind Cave National Park, adminis- tration, etc------------- 728 Pine Ridge Reservation, Sioux lost allotment claims, correction of list authorized------------------ 784 South Platte River, examination for flood- control purposes authorized, Colo- rado, Wyoming, and Nebraska--- 1417 Southern Navajo General Hospital, Ariz., appropriation for------------------ 706 Southern Tennessee Power Company, purchase of electric utility properties of, by Tennessee Valley Authority, authorized; bond issue------- ---- 1084 Southern Ute Indians, Colo.: Appropriation for- Irrigation systems----------

702 Purchase of land ----------------- 696 Southern Ute Irrigation Project, Colo., appropriation for ----------------- 699 Southwestern Reformatory, appropriation for---------------------------- Spain, appropriation for ambassador to - - 635 887