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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , IST SESS.-CH. 248-JUNE 29, 1939 sengers, couriers, telephone operators, supervisors of construction, and custodial and operating force for maintenance and operation of Government-owned and leased diplomatic and consular properties in foreign countries; compensation of agents and employees of dispatch agencies at New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and New Orleans, including salaries during transit to and from their homes in the United States upon the beginning and after termination of service in foreign countries; operation of motor-propelled and other pas- senger- and non-passenger-carrying vehicles; for allowances to con- sular officers, who are paid in whole or in part by fees, for services necessarily rendered to American vessels and seamen, as provided in theAct ofJune26,1884 (22U.S.C.89; 46U.S.C.101); andsuch other miscellaneous personal services as the President may deem neces- sary, $700,000: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for salaries or wages of persons not American citizens performing clerical services (except interpreters, translators, and messengers), whether officially designated as clerks or not, in any foreign mission: Provided further, That the Secretary of the Navy is authorized, upon request by the Secretary of State, to assign enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Corps to serve as custodians, under the immediate supervision of the Secretary of State or the chief of mission, whichever the Secretary of State shall direct, at embassies, legations, or consulates of the United States located in foreign countries. Contingent expenses, Foreign Service: For stationery; blanks; record and other books; seals; presses; flags; signs; military equip- ment and supplies; repairs and alterations; repairs, preservation, and maintenance of Government-owned and leased diplomatic and consular properties in foreign countries, including water, materials, supplies, tools, seeds, plants, shrubs, and similar objects; newspapers (foreign and domestic); freight; postage; telegrams; advertising; ice and drinking water for office purposes; purchase, maintenance and hire of motor-propelled or horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles, and pur- chase, maintenance, and hire of other passenger-carrying vehicles- insurance of official motor vehicles in foreign countries when required by the law of such countries; funds for establishment and maintenance of commissary service; uniforms- furniture; household furniture and furnishings, except as provided by the Act of May 7, 1926, as amended (22 U. S . C. 292-299), for Government-owned or rented buildings; typewriters and exchange of same; maintenance and rental of launch for embassy in Turkey, not exceeding $3,500, including per- sonnel for operation; rent and other expenses for dispatch agencies at New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and New Orleans; traveling expenses, including the transportation of members of families and personal effects of diplomatic officers or Foreign Service officers acting as charges d'affaires in traveling to seats of government at which they are accredited other than the city of usual residence and returning to the city of usual residence; loss by exchange; payment in advance for subscriptions to commercial information, telephone and other similar services; expenses of vice consulates and consular agencies for any of the foregoing objects; allowances for special instruction, education, and individual training of Foreign Service officers at home and abroad, not to exceed $7,500; cost, not exceeding $500 per annum each, of the tuition of Foreign Service officers assigned for the study of the languages of Asia and eastern Europe; for relief, protection, and burial of American seamen in foreign countries, in the Panama Canal Zone, and in the Philippine Islands, and shipwrecked American seamen in the Territory of Alaska, in the Hawaiian Islands, in Puerto Rico, and in the Virgin Islands, and 889 Dispatch agencies. Salaries during transit. Vehicles. Services to Ameri- can seamen, etc. 23 Stat. 56 . 22 U. S.C.§ 89; 46U.S.C. 101. Provisos. Citizenship require- ments. Naval assignments as custodians. Contingent expen- ses, Foreign Service. Vehicles. Commissary serv- ice. (lovorlnment build- ins abroad. 44 Stat. 403. 22 II. S.C.I 292- 291; Supp. IV, S 295a. Traveling, etc., ex- penses. Language study. Relief, etc., of American seamen.