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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 248 -JUNE 29, 1939 Traveling expenses. Traveling expenses: For all necessary traveling expenses under the Department of Commerce, including all bureaus and divisions there- under except the Bureau of the Census, and traveling expenses for the examinations authorized by the Act entitled "An Act to provide for retirement for disability in the Lighthouse Service", approved 43 Stt. 12765. March 4, 1925 (33 U. S. C. 765), but not including travel properly chargeable to the appropriation herein for "Transportation of fami- lies and effects of officers and employees and allowances for living Hrei'automobiles. quarters", Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce: Provided That not exceeding $3,000 of this appropriation shall be available for the hire of automobiles for travel on official business, without 3 Stt.508 . regard to the provisions of the Act of July 16, 1914 (38 Stat. 508), $465,400. Printing and bind- Printing and binding: For all printing and binding for the De- partment of Commerce, including all of its bureaus offices, institu- tions, and services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, except Detso. copy the Patent Office and the Bureau of the Census, $380,000: Provided, editors. That an amount not to exceed $2,000 of this appropriation may be expended for salaries of persons detailed from the Government Printing Office for service as copy editors. Salaries and expen- ses, Washington Com- merce Service. 49 Stat. 1333 . China Trade Act, administration. Domestic commerce and raw-materials in- vestigations. District and coop- erative office service. BUREAU OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC COMMERCE Salaries and expenses, Washington Commerce Service: For the salary of the Director and other personal services in the District of Columbia, including the functions set forth under the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Department of Commerce, Appro- priation Act for 1937, approved May 15, 1936, and for every necessary expense connected with collecting and compiling lists of foreign buyers and reports thereon; administration of the China Trade Act in the District of Columbia; collecting and compiling information re- garding the restrictions and regulations of trade imposed by foreign countries; establishment, operation, and maintenance of foreign trade zones in ports of entry of the United States, including contract stenographic reporting services and fees for mileage of witnesses; purchases for use in Washington or the field offices of furniture, equipment, stationery and supplies, typewriting, adding and com- puting, mimeographing, multigraphing, photostat, and other dupli- cating machines and devices, including their exchange and repair telegraph and telephone service, accessories and repairs, books of reference, newspapers, periodicals, reports, documents, plans and specifications, freight, express, drayage, and streetcar fares, $555,000. Domestic commerce and raw-materials investigations: For personal services of officers and employees to enable the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce to collect and compile information regarding the disposition and handling of raw materials and manufactures within the United States; and to investigate the conditions of pro- duction and marketing of foreign raw materials essential for American industries, $330,000. District and cooperative office service: For all expenses necessary to operate and maintain district and cooperative offices, including personal services, rent outside of the District of Columbia, purchase of furniture and equipment, stationery and supplies, typewriting, adding, and computing machines, accessories, and repairs, purchase of maps, books of reference, and periodicals, reports, documents, plans, specifications, manuscripts, newspapers, both foreign and domestic (not exceeding $300), and all other publications necessary for the promotion of the commercial interests of the United States, and all other necessary incidental expenses not included in the foregoing, $350,000. 908 [53 STAT.