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1004 July 15, 1939 [H. R . 5610] [Public, No. 176] PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 273, 281 -JULY 14, 15 , 1939 [53 STAT. Cabrillo Quadricentennial Celebration, to be held in 1942, in com- memoration of the discovery of California and the West Coast of the United States by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a native of Portugal, who, while in the service of the King of Spain, entered San Diego Harbor on September 28, 1542. Approved, July 14, 1939. [CHAPTER 281] AN ACT Making appropriations for the government of the District of Columbia and other activities chargeable in whole or in part against the revenues of such District for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1940, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the District of colum- United States of America in Congress assembled, That in order to ,ia. Appropriations for defray the expenses of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year rpenses of fscal year 940, from SDistrict ending June 30, 1940, any revenue (not including the proportionate venues and $6,000,- share of the United States in any revenue arising as the result of the fromthereasury. expenditure of appropriations made for the fiscal year 1924 and prior fiscal years) now required by law to be credited to the District of Columbia and the United States in the same proportion that each contributed to the activity or source from whence such revenue was derived shall be credited wholly to the District of Columbia, and, in addition, $6,000,000 is appropriated, out of any money in the Treas- ury not otherwise appropriated, to be advanced July 1, 1939, and all of the remainder out of the combined revenues of the District Effective date. of Columbia, and this Act shall be effective as of July 1, 1939, and any appropriations and authority contained herein shall have the same force and effect between June 30, 1939, and the date of the enactment of this Act as though the same had become law on July 1, iValidsatio o ad- 1939; and the acts of any officer or employee performed during such period in anticipation of the appropriations or authority contained herein shall not be invalidated, declared ineffective, or questioned solely because of the lack of such appropriations or authority during such period, namely: Personal services. Additional, for En- gineer Commissioner. Prorisos. Salaries limited to average rates under Classification Act; ex- ceptions. 5.U. S.C. §661-674; Supp. IV , § 673,673c. If only one position in a grade. Advances in meri- torious cases. GENERAL EXPENSES EXECUTIVE OFFICE For personal services, $48,600, plus so much as may be necessary to compensate the Engineer Commissioner at such rate in grade 8 of the professional and scientific service of the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, as may be determined by the Board of Commis- sioners: Provided, That in expending appropriations or portions of appropriations contained in this Act for the payment of personal services in accordance with the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, with the exception of the two civilian Commissioners, the average of the salaries of the total number of persons under any grade in any bureau, office, or other appropriation unit shall not at any time exceed the average of the compensation rates specified for the grade by such Act, as amended, and in grades in which only one position is allocated the salary of such position shall not exceed the average of the com- pensation rates for the grade, except that in unusually meritorious cases of one position in a grade advances may be made to rates higher than the average of the compensation rates of the grade, but not more often than once in any fiscal year and then only to the next higher b e 19r 0 m