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53 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , IST SESS.-CH. 281 -JULY 15, 1939 REPAYMENT OF LOAN FROM PUBLIC WORKS ADMINISTRATION For reimbursement to the United States, in compliance with sec- tion 3 of the Act approved June 25, 1934 (48 Stat. 1215), of funds loaned under the authority of said Act, $462,500: Provided, That during the fiscal year 1940 no greater sum shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States to the credit of the special account established under section 3 of said Act than is required by said sec- tion for reimbursement to the United States. Payment of interest on loan by Federal Emergency Administra- tion of Public Works: For payment to the United States, in com- pliance with section 3 of the Act approved June 25. 1934 (48 Stat. 1215), of interest on funds loaned under the authority of said Act, $15277. FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY For personal services, and for substitutes and other special and temporary services, including extra services on Sundays, holidays, and Saturday half holidays, at the discretion of the librarian, $412,830. Miscellaneous: For books, periodicals, newspapers, and other printed material, including payment in advance for subscription books, and society publications, including not exceeding $300 for music records and sound recordings, $65,000: Provided,That the dis- bursing officer of the District of Columbia is authorized to advance to the librarian of the Free Public Library, upon requisition previously approved by the auditor of the District of Columbia, sums of money not exceeding $25 at the first of each month, to be expended for the purchase of certain books, pamphlets, numbers of periodicals or news- papers, or other printed material, and to be accounted for on itemized vouchers. For binding, including necessary personal services, $20,000. For maintenance, alterations, repairs, fuel, lighting, fitting up buildings, care of grounds, maintenance of motor delivery vehicles, and other contingent expenses, $44,000. For rent of suitable quarters for branch libraries in Chevy Chase and Woodridge, $5,760. Not to exceed $350,000 of the unexpended balance of the appropria- tion of $500,000 contained in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1939 for beginning the construction in square 533 of the first unit of an extensible building for the government of the District of Columbia is hereby reappropriated and made available for beginning the construction in square 491 of the first unit of an extensible library building, including quarters for the administrative offices of the Board of Education and the Commissioners are author- ized to enter into contract or contracts for the construction of such first unit at a total cost, including improvement of grounds and all necessary furniture and equipment, not to exceed $1,118,000: Pro- vided, That not to exceed $40,000 of the said sum of $350,000, together with the unexpended balance of the appropriation of $60,000 con- tained in such Act for the preparation of plans and specifications for a library building to be constructed on square 491, which is continued available for the same purpose in the fiscal year 1940, shall be imme- diately available for the preparation of plans and specifications, and for the employment of professional and other services without refer- ence to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, section 3709 of the Revised Statutes, and civil-service requirements, and for other neces- sary expenses, and the Procurement Division of the Treasury Depart- 1011 Reimbursement. 48 Stat. 1215. Proviso. Amount of deposit, 1940. Interest. 48 Stat. 1215 . Personal services. Miscellaneous. Proviso. Advances for pur- chases of books, etc. Accounting. Bindiing. Contingent ei- pcnsts. Chevy Chase and Woodridge branches, rent. Library building, first unit construc- tion. 52 Stat. 163 . Inclusion of Board of Education offices. Improvement of grounds, equipment. Proviso. Plans and specifica- tions; funds available. Professional, etc., services. 5 U. S. C. i§661- 674; Supp. IV, §§ 673, 673c. R. S. §3709. 41 U. S.C. 85. Services of Procure- ment Division in planning.