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PUBLIC LAWS-OCH. 11-MAR . 16 , 1939 36 Stat. 913; 38 Stat. 1192; 40 Stat. 616; 43 Stat. 659; 46 Stat. 822. 45U. .C.C. 22,30, 27. Additional inspec- tors. 36 Stat. 914; 43 Stat. 659; 46 Stat. 823 . 45U. S. C. §126, 24. Personal services. Valuation of proper- ty of carriers. 37 Stat. 701; 40 Stat. 270; 42 Stat. 624. 49 U.S. . O19a. 48 Stat. 221 . 49U.. C.. 19a. Motor transport reg- ulation. 49 Stat. 543 . 49U. S.C., Supp.IV , 1 301-327. Personal services. Vehicles. Proviso. Use of Government transportation re- quests. Attendance at meet- ings. Transportation of household effects, etc. Prori/o. Minor purchases. R. 8. § 3709. 41U.S. . §5. Printing and bind- ing. thereto" (45 U. S. C. 22), as amended by the Act of March 4, 1915, extending "the same powers and duties with respect to all parts and appurtenances of the locomotive and tender" (45 U. S. C. 30), and amendment of June 7, 1924 (45 U. S. C . 27), providing for the appointment from time to time by the Interstate Commerce Commis- sion of not more than fifteen inspectors in addition to the number authorized in the first paragraph of section 4 of the Act of 1911 (45 U. S. C.26), and the amendment ofJune 27, 1930 (45 U. S. C. 24, 26), including such legal, technical, stenographic, and clerical help as the business of the offices of the chief inspector and his two assistants may require and for traveling expenses, $473,000, of which amount not to exceed $71,450 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia. Valuation of property of carriers: To enable the Interstate Com- merce Commission to carry out the objects of the Act entitled "An Act to amend an Act entitled 'An Act to regulate commerce', approved February 4, 1887, and all Acts amendatory thereof, by providing for a valuation of the several classes of property of car- riers subject thereto and securing information concerning their stocks, bonds, and other securities", approved March 1, 1913, as amended by the Act of June 7, 1922 (49 U. S . C. 19a), and by the "Emergency Railroad Transportation Act, 1933" (49 U. S. C. 19a), including one director of valuation at $10,000 per annum, and travel- ing expenses, $640,000. Motor transport regulation: For all authorized expenditures neces- sary to enable the Interstate Commerce Commission to carry out the provisions of the Motor Carrier Act, approved August 9, 1935 (49 U. S . C . 301-327), including one director at $10,000 per annum and other personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; traveling expenses; supplies; services and equipment; not to exceed $1,000 for purchase and exchange of books, reports, newspapers, and periodicals; contract stenographic reporting services; purchase (not to exceed $20,000), exchange, maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles when necessary for official use in field work; not to exceed $5,000 for the purchase of evi- dence in connection with investigations of apparent violations of said Act, $3,650,000: Provided, That Joint Board members may use Government transportation requests when traveling in connection with the duties as Joint Board members. Not to exceed $2,500 of the appropriations herein made for the Interstate Commerce Commission shall be available for expenses, except membership fees, for attendance at meetings concerned with the work of the Commission, and not to exceed $5,000 shall be avail- able for expenses of packing, crating, drayage, and transportation of household and other personal effects (not to exceed 5,000 pounds in any one case) of officers and employees when transferred from one official station to another for permanent duty when specifically authorized by the Commission. In all, salaries and expenses, Interstate Commerce Commission, $8,733,000: Provided, That the Commission may procure supplies and services without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U. S . C. 5) when the aggregate amount involved does not exceed $50. For all printing and binding for the Interstate Commerce Com- mission, including reports in all cases proposing general changes in transportation rates and not to exceed $17,000 to print and furnish to the States, at cost, report form blanks, and the receipts from such reports and blanks shall be credited to this appropriation, $175,000: 534 [53 STAT.