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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 633-AUG. 9, 1939 tion of the one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner as authorized by Public Resolution Ante, p. 1214. Numbered , approved August , 1939, fiscal year 1940, $5,000. NATIONAL ADVISORY COMIITTEE FOR AERONAuTICS Scientific research, etc. Ante, p. 535. Additional research laboratory, construc- tion and equipment. Provisos. Selection of site. Contract for con- struction, etc.; limita- tion. George Washington Memorial Parkway, etc. Ante, p. 536 . 46 Stat. 482 . 5U.S .C . §§661-674; Supp. IV, § 673, 73c. Personal services. Ante, p. 539. Proviso. Funds not available for conduct of foreign office. Electric system. Advisory Committee for Aeronautics: For an additional amount for scientific research, technical investigations, and special reports in the field of aeronautics, fiscal year 1940, including the same objects and under the same limitations specified in the Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1940, $109,020. Construction and equipment: For construction and equipment of an additional research laboratory, $1,890,980, including the purchase of land and necessary utilities and appurtenances: Provided, That such additional laboratory shall be established upon such site as may be chosen by a majority of the members of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics from among such sites as may be brought to the attention of such Committee within thirty days after the approval of this Act: Provided further, That the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics is authorized to enter into a contract or contracts for the construction and equipment of such additional lab- oratory at a total cost, including the cost of any land it may be necessary to purchase, not to exceed $10,000,000. NATIONAL CAPITAL PARK AND PLANNING COMMISSION For an additional amount for each and every purpose requisite for and incident to the work of the National Capital Park and Planning Commission necessary toward carrying into effect the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act for the acquisition, establishment, and development of the George Washington Memorial Parkway along the Potomac from Mount Vernon and Fort Washington to the Great Falls, and to provide for the acquisition of lands in the District of Columbia and the States of Maryland and Virginia requisite to the comprehensive park, parkway, and playground system of the National Capital", approved May 29, 1930; personal services, includ- ing real estate and other technical services, at rates of pay to be fixed by the Commission and not exceeding those usual for similar services and without reference to civil-service rules and the Classification Act of 1923, as amended; travel expenses; expenses of surveys and search- ing of titles, purchase of options and all other costs incident to the acquisition of land; operation and maintenance of passenger-carrying vehicles for official use; fiscal year 1940, $150,000, to be expended in carrying out the provisions of section 1 (a) of said Act, and to remain available until expended. SECUnrrTES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION For an additional amount for five Commissioners and other per- sonal services in the District of Columbia, and for all other authorized expenditures of the Securities and Exchange Commission in per- forming the duties imposed by or in pursuance of law, including the employment of experts when necessary, fiscal year 1940, $100,000, including the same objects specified under this head in the Independ- ent Offices Appropriation Act, 1940: Provided, That no part of such sum shall be available for the conduct of a foreign office. SMIHSONIAN INSTrrIIrON Installation of alternating current electric system: For changing the electric system of the Smithsonian group of buildings in the Dis- trict of Columbia from direct current to alternating current, includ- 1306 [53 STAT.