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INDEX Cotton Futures Act, appropriation for carrying provisions into effect------ Cotton Insects, appropriation for investi- gations, etc -------------------- Cotton Quality Statistics and Classing Acts, appropriation for enforcement - Cotton Standards Act, appropriation for carrying provisions into effect ------ Coulter Shoals, Tenn., appropriation for preliminary examination of site for Page 969 961 969 969 dam near ------------------------ 542 Council of Personnel Administration, ap- propriation for salaries and expenses- 1303 Courts. See District of Columbia; United States Courts. Crab Orchard Creek Dam Project, Ill., removal of bodies buried in and re- interment in area set aside as ceme- tery; condition------------------- 1244 Crane Brook, N. Y ., examination for flood- control purposes authorized ------- 1416 Crater Lake National Park, Oreg., appro- priation for administration, etc ----- 726 Cravens, Ben, payment to widow of ---- 513 Creek Indians, Okla., appropriation for tuition of pupils------------------- 706 Crimes and Misdemeanors. See also Criminal Code, Amendments. Allotment of wages by seamen, penalty for false claim------------------- 794 Campaign expenses, unlawful solicita- tion from persons receiving com- pensation under relief appropria- tions; penalty provisions ----- 509, 1148 Coast Guard Reserve Act of 1939, im- proper use of insignia, etc ------- 855 Death, no statute of limitations to apply to offenses punishable by--- 1198 District of Columbia- Diseases, regulations to prevent and control spread of communicable and preventable, penalty for violation -------------------- 1408 Foreign building and loan associa- tions, failure to comply with re- quired provisions, etc., penalty- 1062 Insanity proceedings, penalty pro- visions -------. -- -- -- --- -- -- 1299 District of Columbia Revenue Act of 1939- Income tax- Penalties----.- --- --- --- --- --- - 1105 Returns, violation of provisions concerning secrecy of-------- 1096 Inheritance and estate taxes, penalty provisions---------- ---------- 1117 Divorces, penalty for use of mails for solicitation of procurement in for- eign countries ------------------ 1341 Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1939. nenaltv nrovisions - - 937 Crimes and Misdemeanors-Continued. Page Federal Kidnaping Act, Amendments, penalty provisions -------------- 744 Federal Seed Act, penalty provisions - 1286 4-H Clubs, unauthorized use of name, insignia, etc., prohibited; penalty for violation-------------------- 809 Income tax returns, penalty for sale of information derived from ---- __-- 884 Load lines for American vessels, penalty for violation of provisions--------- 783 Maritime Commission, violation of orders, etc., penalty------------- 1187 National Stolen Property Act, Amend- ments ------------------------ 1178 Officers' Competency Certificates Con- vention, 1936, penalty provision-- 1050 Political activities, unlawful acts in con- nection with relief funds, penalty for-------------------- -509, 937, 1148 Railroads, threats, intimidation, etc., concerning information about ac- cidents, penalty----------------- 1405 Relief funds, promises of or denial of benefits in connection with political activity; penalty provisions- _ - 509, 1147, 1148 Social Security Act Amendments of 1939, penalty provisions ---- 1372, 1398 Staff officers, merchant marine, assault upon, penalty------------------- 1147 Certificate of registry, penalty for alteration, etc --------------- 1146 Employment of unregistered, penalty- 1146 Threatening communications- Deposit in depository of foreign country addressed to United States, penalty---------------- 743 Extortion messages, penalty------ 743 Kidnap threats, etc., penalty------ 743 Deposit in depository of Post Office Establishment, penalty--------- 742 Extortion messages, penalty ----- 743 Kidnap threats, etc., penalty------ 743 Trust Indenture Act of 1939, penalty provisions -------------------- Criminal Code, Amendments. See also Crimes and Misdemeanors; Penal Code, Amendments. Insured mail matter, penalty for false claims for loss of---------------- Mail matter, stealing, etc., of; penalty- Obtaining money by false pretenses on high seas, penalty -. .- -- -. . -- Criminal Police Commission, Interna- tional, appropriation for membership- Crippled Children, appropriation for grants to States for services for----------- Crissy Field, Calif., restriction on use of funds incident to use as air station- - 1177 1203 1256 1205 898 924 606 XXIV a1r- -v r-