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INDEX District of Columbia-Continued. Fees and fines, proportion to be credited to- --- - --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Fire Department- Appointments, restriction on---..-- Civil Service Retirement Act, ex- clusion of members from pro- visions of--------------------- Stations and personnel, survey of need for -------------------------- Strikes, restriction on members en- gaging in--------------------- Fire-insurance premiums, use of funds for, restriction -----.

Foreign building and loan associations, provisions to be complied with before doing business in---------- Fresh Pursuit, Uniform Act on-------- Arrests in District by officers of other States- ---------------------- Court hearings; commitment or dis- charge --------------------- Definition ---------------------- Fuel taxes, motor-vehicle, time limit for filing application for refund, exten- sion--------------------------- Gas and electric meters, inspection at request of consumer; payment of expense----------------------- Group Hospitalization, Inc., incorpora- tion of certain persons as-------- Healing Arts Practice Act, D. C., 1938, Amendment; dates for holding pro- fessional examinations --------- Health Department, bacteriological, etc. , examination of milk by -------- Horses, vehicles, etc. , authority to hire, purchase, and maintain ------ Hospitals, establishment of lien for moneys due for services rendered in cases caused by negligence of others; recording; enforcement ----- - Income tax. See Revenue Act of 1939, this title. Industrial enterprises, purchases from working capital fund authorized-- Inheritance taxes. See Revenue Act of 1939, this title. Insanity proceedings--------------- Attachment, issue of; detention; ex- amination; hearing---------- Commitment--------------------- Conflicting Acts repealed ---------- Forms------------------------ Gallinger Municipal Hospital, volun- tary application for admission for observation------------------ Harmless insane, placing in custody of relatives, etc----------------- If no jury trial demanded, procedure- 98907°-89--pt. 2- --1 Page 1107 1020 1200 1020 1143 1010 1060 1124 1124 1124 1124 1409 568 1412 1419 1021 1040 990 1025 1293 1294 1296 1300 1299 1294 1298 1296 District of Columbia-Continued. Page Insanity proceedings-Continued. Jury trial, procedure if demanded - -- 1296 Jury, impaneling of-------------- 1296 Legal remedies of alleged insane per- son-------------------------- 1299 Maintenance and treatment, liability of relatives for cost of --------- 1298 Nonpayment, procedure in case of_ 1298 Mental Health, Commission on, find- ings and recommendations by__- 1297 Paroled patients, hearing to deter- mine sanity and restoration to status of person of sound mind; procedure ------------------- 1298 Penalty provisions ---------------- 1299 Petitioner, requirement to file bond- 1299 Relatives, liability for cost of mainte- nance and treatment---------- 1298 Nonpayment, procedure in case of- 1298 Released patients, hearing to deter- mine sanity and restoration to status of person of sound mind; procedure-------------------- 1298 "Resident of District of Columbia" defined --------------------- 1298 Separability of provisions----------- 1300 Witness fees and mileage ---------- 1299 Writ de lunatico inquirendo, who may apply for--------------------- 1293 John Philip Sousa Bridge, designation of bridge over Anacostia River as - - 512 Joint Board, alternative methods of en- forcement of orders, rules, and regu- lations of; penalty for violations - 569 Lafayette Park, inclusion under zoning regulations -------------------- 1144 License taxes- Passenger vehicles for hire with seat- ing capacity of 8 or more -_ 570, 1046 Others---------------------- 570, 1046 Vehicles for hire, use in hauling goods, etc--------------------- 570, 1046 Liens for moneys due hospitals for serv- ices rendered in cases caused by neg- ligence of others, establishment of; recording; enforcement ---------- 990 List of supplies, etc., use of funds for printing, forbidden ------------- 1008 Materials, supplies, etc., purchase of; conditions -..------------------- 1041 Mental Health, Commission on- Alternate member, compensation --- 1299 Insanity proceedings. See Insanity proceedings, this title. Minor purchases without advertising--- 1041 Miscellaneous trust fund, expenses pay- able from ---------------------- 1040 Motor-vehicle fuel taxes, time limit for filing application for refund, exten- sion ------------------------ -1409 XXXI