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[56 STAT. the aforementioned purpose of ratification. The instrument of ratification shall be deposited in the archives of the Pan American Union in Washington, which shall notify the signatory governments of said deposit. Such notification shall be considered as an exchange of ratifications. Entry into force. The present convention shall enter into force when two-thirds of the American Republics have deposited their respective instruments of ratification. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, having deposited their full powers found to be in due and proper form, sign this convention on behalf of their respective Governments and affix thereto their seals on the dates appearing opposite their signatures.['] RESERVATIONS RESERVATION OF THE CHILEAN DELEGATION 1. -The Chilean Delegation, convinced of the necessity of effecting practically the continental solidarity, approves the resolution, making clear that Chile shall only acquire commitments and responsibilities when the said resolutions shall have been ratified by its constitutional organisms. RESERVATION OF THE ARGENTINE DELEGATION 2.- T he Delegate of the Argentine Republic in signing this Act places on record that it does not refer to or include the Malvinas Islands, because the latter do not constitute a colony or possession of any European nation, since they are a part of the Argentine territory and are included within its dominion and sovereignty, as was stated at the Panama meeting, which statement he considers reiterated hereby in its entirety, and also with reference to other southern Argentine regions as he has stated in the deliberations of this Commission. He likewise states that the signing of this Act and Resolution does not affect and leaves intact his Government's powers established in the constitutional norms which obtain in Argentina, with respect to the procedure applicable in order that this Act and Resolution may acquire validity, force and effectiveness. RESERVATION OF THE COLOMBIAN DELEGATION 3. -I vote in the affirmative with the suggestion that I shall sign the Convention, subject to the approval by my Government and the constitutional standards of my country. RESERVATION OF THE VENEZUELAN DELEGATION 4. -The Venezuelan Delegation signs with the understanding that the Convention concerning the colonial possessions remains subject to the public powers of the nation, in accordance with its constitutional provisions. ' [It will be observed that dates do not appear opposite the signatures to the convention. It is stated in the certificate of the Secretary of State of the Republic of Cuba that the convention was signed at Habana on July 30, 1940. See p. 1280 .1 TREATIES 1278