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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. SCHEDULE II-Continued nited tates riff Act f 1930 ragraph Description of Article Rate of Duty 781 Spices and spice seeds: Ginger root, not preserved or candied, ground 783 Cotton having a staple of one and one-eighth inches or more in length 1001 Flax straw 1001 Flax, not hackled 1001 Flax, hackled, including "dressed line" 1001 Flax tow and flax noils 1001 Hemp and hemp tow 1001 Hackled hemp 1102 (b) Hair of the alpaca, llama, and vicufia: In the grease or washed Scoured On the skin Sorted, or matchings, if not scoured 2%0 per lb. 3%0 per lb. $1.50 per ton Y4 per lb. 1%0 per lb. f per lb. 1, per lb. 14S per lb. 181 per lb. of clean content 21^ per lb. of clean content 160 per lb. of clean content 190 per lb. of clean content 1602 Pyrethrum or insect flowers, natural and uncom- pounded and in a crude state, not advanced in value or condition by shredding, grinding, ehip- ping, crushing, or any other process or treat- ment whatever beyond that essential to proper packing and the prevention of decay or deteriora- tion pending manufacture, not containing alco- hol Free 1609 Cochineal, and extracts thereof, not containing alcohol Free 1619 Barks, cinchona or other, from which quinine may be extracted Free 1654 Coffee, except coffee imported into Puerto Rico and upon which a duty is imposed under the authority of section 319 Free 1670 Dyeing or tanning materials, whether crude or ad- vanced in value or condition by shredding, grind- ing, chipping, crushing, or any similar process, not containing alcohol: Tara 1681 Furs and fur skins, not specially provided for, un- dressed: Otter 1685 Guano 1686 Gums and resins: Leche caspi 1697 India rubber, crude, including jelutong or pontianak 1697 Gutta balata, crude Free Free Free Free Free Free 1532 U s Tar ol Par