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LIBERIA-DEFENSE AREAS-MAR. 31 , 1942 1623 In respect of the commercial use of such airports, passengers, mail and cargo entering or leaving Liberia by air shall have transit over such airports to and from a Liberian customs station established adjacent to said airports and under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Government of Liberia. ARTICLE 5 The Government of the United States undertakes to extend to the Government of Liberia such aid as may be possible in the circum- stances in the protection of the Republic, including necessary equip- ment for road construction, certain monetary aids for defense pur- poses, certain assistance in the organization and training of the Liberian military forces and certain other assistance of a similar nature. ARTICLE 6 The Government of the United States undertakes, at the end of the war and the additional period provided in Paragraph 5 of the Preamble to this Agreement, to withdraw all military forces of the United States. It is mutually understood and agreed that the jurisdiction hereby conferred on the Government of the United States over any airports and defense areas, and over military and civilian personnel under the provisions of Article 2 of this Agreement, shall continue until all matters calling for judicial determination, but undisposed of after the termination of this Agreement, shall have been disposed of by the United States authorities, or, alternately, until the withdrawal of the United States forces shall be complete. ARTICLE 7 The Government of Liberia and the Government of the United States agree that at this time the above Agreement shall apply to the air facilities at Roberts Field on the Farmington River, and at Fisherman Lake in the County of Grand Cape Mount. If other defense areas of this kind are deemed necessary in the future, their location will be fixed by mutual agreement. ARTICLE 8 For the purposes of this Agreement, a Defense Area shall be con- strued as the actual areas of said airports and such additional areas in the immediate neighborhood upon which installations necessary for defense may be established by agreement between the United States Commanding Officer and the Liberian Government. Signed, at Monrovia, Liberia, in duplicate, the texts having equal force, this 31st day of March, 1942 [SEAL] HARRY A. McBRIDE Special Representative of the Presidentof the United States of America [SEAL] Commercial use of airports. Aid to Liberia. Withdrawal of mili- tary forces. Air facilities at Rob- erts Field and at Fisherman Lake. "Defense Area" con- strued. C. L . SIMPSON Secretary of State of the Republic of Liberia 56 STAT.]