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56 STAT.] NICARAGUA-EXPERIMENT STATION-OCT. 12, 27, 1942 2. The Government of Nicaragua will make available all land necessary to conduct investigations and demonstration work designed to promote the profitable production of export crops, such as rubber, fibers, insecticides, medicinals, vegetable oils, et cetera, and increase the income and foreign trade of the people of Nicaragua. Such land shall be selected by the director of the station in cooperation with the appropriate governmental agency of Nicaragua, and the Government of Nicaragua shall permit the continued use of the land by the experiment station free of charge. The land shall include a minimum of 500 hectares in the vicinity of Recreo, between the Mico River and the Man- agua-Rama highway, and at least three other parcels with a minimum of 50 hectares each which shall be representative of various natural land divisions. 3. The Government of Nicaragua also agrees to construct: (a) residences, complete with furnishings, for the North American and Nicaraguan members of the staff, except stoves and refrigerators not manufactured in Nicaragua; (b) a labora- tory, office and library building for technical work; (c) a four-bed hospital; and (d) service buildings, including repair shops, one or more buildings for the storage of equipment and plant material, and such buildings as may be needed for studies in livestock production and the housing of pilot plants for processing agricul- tural production for shipment. 4. The Nicaraguan Government shall provide: (a) complete furnishings, services, and equipment, except scientific equipment and apparatus not produced or manufactured in Nicaragua, for the laboratory, office, and library building; (b) an adequate and pure water supply; (c) an electric plant to satisfy the lighting and power needs of the station; (d) recreational facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, et cetera; (e) a graduate medical doctor and surgeon; (f) agricultural publications, necessary to the proper functioning of the station, including reference books, and all journals and bulletins published outside of the United States, as well as the binding of journals; and (g) the funds necessary for the preparation, printing and distribution of four types of publica- tions to be issued by the station, as follows: (1) A popular Spanish periodical written for the farm family and containing articles by the staff and other qualified persons on such subjects as health, hygiene, community organization, information on the Atlantic region, aims of the experiment station, treatment of agricultural practices and methodology, (2) farm circulars written in Spanish and issued as required, dealing with specific farm practices or products, (3) technical bulletins in English or Spanish dealing with the results of specific scientific investigation at the station, and (4) an annual report in Spanish, covering the work of the station performed during the year, and the status of agri- culture in the region; Use of land. Buildings. Equipment, serv- ices, etc., to be [fur- nished by Nicaragua. Funds for Issuance of publications.