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56 STAT.] BELGIUM-MILITARY SERVICE Mar. 31, July 31. 1942 1893 Oct. 10. 16, 1942 C. No enlistments will be accepted in the U.S .A. by the Belgian Government of American citizens subject to registration or of aliens of any nationality who have declared their intention of becoming American citizens and are subject to registration. In order to make sure that Belgian nationals in the U.S.A . be informed of the conditions of service in the armed forces of Belgium, this Embassy will give the Selective Service System of the U.S .A . pamphlets setting forth the conditions of service, on the understand- ing that the Selective Service System will make the pamphlets avail- able to non-declarant Belgian nationals who are called up for induction into the armed forces of the U.S.A. The Belgian Government would also appreciate it if the names and addresses of Belgian subjects who are free to elect to serve in the armed forces of Belgium could be made available to this Embassy. The Belgian Government referring to this Embassy's note of April 23rd regarding the reentry permits of the Belgian nationals who are permanent residents of the U.S.A . and are serving or will elect to serve abroad in the armed forces of Belgium, assumes that these Belgians will be permitted to return to the U.S .A. at any time within six months after the termination of their service with the Belgian forces. I avail myself, Sir, of this occasion, to renew to Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration. R. v . STRATEN The Honorable The SECRETARY OF STATE Department of State Washington, D.C. The Secretary of State to the Belgian Ambassador DEPARTMENT OF STATE WASHINGTON

October 10, 1942 EXCELLENCY: I have the honor to refer further to your note D.488 no. 4221 of July 31, 1942 in the matter of the proposed arrangement concerning the services of nationals of one country in the armed forces of the other country. The appropriate authorities of this Government have given careful consideration to your note, and consider it to contain satisfactory assurances. Accordingly, the reciprocal induction arrangement between the United States and Belgium is considered as having become effective on August 4, 1942, the date on which your note was received Efective date. in the Department. The appropriate authorities of this Government are being informed accordingly.