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PROCLAMATIONS-APR. 27, 1942 1955 ANDREW JOHNSON NATIONAL MONUMENT-TENNESSEE BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION WHEREAS the Act of Congress approved August 29, 1935, 49 Stat. 958, provides that when title to the site of the Andrew Johnson Homestead and the site of the tailor shop in which Andrew Johnson worked, together with such buildings and property located thereon as may be designated by the Secretary of the Interior, shall have been vested in the United States, said area and improvements, together with the burial place of Andrew Johnson, now administered as a national cemetery, shall be designated and set apart by proclamation of the President as a national monument to be called the Andrew Johnson National Monument; and WHEREAS title to all of the land, buildings, and other property required for the establishment of the said monument is vested in the United States: NOW, THEREFORE, I, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Presi- dent of the United States of America, under and by virtue of the authority vested in me by the aforesaid Act of August 29, 1935, do proclaim that, subject to all valid existing rights, the following- described parcels of land with the buildings and improvements thereon, situated in the Town of Greeneville, Tenth Civil District of Greene County, Tennessee, are hereby set apart as a national monument to be known as the Andrew Johnson National Monument: Parcel No. 1 -Andrew Johnson Homestead All that certain tract of land situated on the east side of Main Street between Summer and McKee Streets, abutting Brumley on the north and Bernard Warehouses, Incorporated, on the south, and extending from Main Street to College Street, formerly known and designated as Water Street, and more particularly described as follows: Beginning in the east line of Main Street at a point northerly 128.6 feet from McKee Street; thence with the line of Main Street, north 21°30' east, 218.6 feet to corner with Brumnley; thence with her line, south 69°10' east, 428.5 feet to College Street; thence with College Street, south 21°35' west, 190 feet to corner of Bernard Warehouses, Incorporated; thence with its lines north 69°34' west, 262.7 feet; thence south 21°30' west, 26 feet; thence north 69°34' west, 165.5 feet to the beginning and containing 1.95 acres, more or less. Parcel No. 2-Andrew Johnson Tailor Shop All that certain tract of land situated on the northwest corer of Depot and College Streets, more particularly described as follows: Beginning on Depot Street, running north 29°52' east, 66.3 feet to a stake on the corner of the lot belonging to Charles Hull; thence with his line south 64°25' east, 81.6 feet to Water Street, now College Street; thence with Water Street south 30°39' west, 72.4 feet to Depot Street; thence with Depot Street north 60°00'18" west, 80.4 feet to the beginning containing 0.13 acres, more or less. Parcel No. 3-Andrew Johnson National Cemetery All that certain tract of land, known as "Monument Hill," more particularly described as follows: April 27,1942 [No. 26641 16 U. . c.c. 4a0- 450q. Designation and set- ting apart of certain lands, etc., as the An- drew Johnson Na- tional Monument. 56 STAT. ]