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INDEX Campbell, Mrs. Julia, payment to------- Canada, agreements with, respecting- Double taxation------------------- Military highway to Alaska ---------- Military service-------------------- Post-war economic settlements-------- Temporary raising of level of Lake St. Francis during low-water periods-- Transfers of citizens and former citizens between armed forces----------- Unemployment insurance benefits - -- Workmen's compensation and unem- ployment insurance in connection with construction projects-------- Cancer Control Month, 1942, proclama- tion--------- ------------------- Cannon, M. E., payment to------------- Cape Hatteras Maritime Control Area, establishment and control, proclama- tion ---------------------------- Caperton, Roy J. (Lt. Col.), credit in accounts----------------------- Capps, Dwight M. (Master Sgt.), accept- ance of foreign decoration author- ized------------------ . - - --- -- -- Carbauh, Earl, waiver of reimbursement to U. S . for certain payments received- Caron, David, payment to-------------- Casco Bay Maritime Control Area, estab- lishment and control, proclamation - Centerwall, Willard R., credit in accounts; refund of payments-------------- Chan Tsork-ying, admission for perma- nent residence-------------------- Chang, Vivian, admission for permanent residence------------------------- Chapman, Elizabeth Frances, payment to.- Chapman, William S., payment to. ..- Charteris, Leslie, adiission for perma- nent residence------------------ Charteris, Patricia Ann, admission for permanent residence.-------------. Chen, Ronald Leroy, admission for per- manent residence------------------ Chester, W. James, payment to--. .---.. Child Health Day, 1942, proclamation-_ - Childs, Frank, payment to------------- China, agreement with, respecting mutual war aid ----------------------- Ching Shee, Mrs., admission for perma- nent residence-------------------- Ching Toy Wan, admission for perma- nent residence------------------- Chisholm, Mary, payment to ---------- Chitty, Luther, payment to------------ Chitty, Susie, payment to------------- Circle, Francis Corwin, payment to - -- Claiborne, Gerney M., consideration of disability claim----------------- Page 1176 1399 1458 1477 1815 1832 1455 1451 1770 1946 1190 1978 1160 1139 1214 1194 1978 1105 1189 1199 1179 121( 1226 1226 1252 1115 il. 1935 121( 1494 1251 1251 125( 1211 1211 1193 117S Claims, convention with Mexico------. - Clark, Charles L., payment to estate of- _ Clark, David E., payment to--------- Clark County Lumber Company, payment 1991 Page 1347 1143 1223 to --------------


1162 Clemons, Vernon, Jr., payment to legal guardian of ---------------------- 1162 Clyde, Dorothy, payment to------------ 1256 Coffee Agreement, Inter-American, sup- plementary proclamation regarding entry into force------------------- 1345 Coffman, Henry Martin, acceptance of final homestead proof-------------- 1168 Cogswell, William H., Jr., payment to--- 1236 Colombia, agreements with, respecting- Military mission-------------- 1413,1483 Naval mission---------------------- 1775 Columbia River Maritime Control Area, establishment and control, proclama- tion-------------------------- 1941 Colwell, Hyram, correction of military record------------------------- 1238 Comas, Alice, payment to-------------- 1239 Comas, Robert, payment to------------- 1239 Commercial Agreements. See also Recip- rocal Trade Agreements. Dominican Republic----------------- 1617 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics -- - 1575 Concurrent Resolutions: Absentee voting in time of war by members of land and naval forces, changes in enrollment of bill ----- 1267 Congress- Adjournment sine die ------------- 1269 Enrolled bills, etc., signing of, after adjournment -.--



1269 Joint meeting of two Housles -. .. 1268 "Handlbook for Service Men and Wom- en, World War II, and Their Dependents," printing of manu- script as public document---. ---- 1266 Interstate Commerce Act, Amendments, change in enrollment of bill------- 1264 Inventions, adjustment of royalties for use of, changes in enrollment of bill_ - 1268 Lamed, Paul A. (Maj.), reinstatement, signing of enrolled bill rescinded; action in passing bill vacated--- 1264 National defense program- Operation of, printing of additional copies of Senate select committee report---------------------- 1263 Progress of, printing of additional copies of House report - -- 1263, 1265 Opium Poppy Control Act of 1942, change in enrollment of bilL----- 1268 Pearl Harbor, attack by Japanese armed forces upon, printing of ad- ditional conies of Senate document- 1263 ,I,