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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. April 14, 22, 19U Agreement between the United States of America and Turkey in accord- E.A . S.4 ance with article 1 of the agreement of April 1, 1939 respecting recip- rocal trade. Effected by exchange of notes signed at Washington April 14 and 2, 1944. The Turkish Ambassador to the Secretary of State TURKISH EMBASSY WASHINGTON, D. C. No. 799/82 ABPI 14,1944 ExcnazsWr: I have the honor to refer to the trade agreement between the Republic of Turkey and the United States of America signed at Mstt. 1870. Ankara, April 1, 1939, Article I of which reads as follows: "Natural or manufactured products originating in the United States of America, enumerated and described in Schedule I annexed to this Agreement, shall, on their importation into the territory of the Turkish Republic, be accorded the tariff reduc- tions provided for in the said Schedule. "In the event that the Government of the Turkish Republic should increase the duties provided for in the said Schedule, such increased duties shall not be applied to the said products until two months after the date of their promulgation. "If before the expiration of the aforesaid period of two months an agreement between the two Governments has not been reached with respect to such compensatory modifications of this Agree- ment as may be deemed appropriate, the Government of the United States of America shall be free within fifteen days after the date of the application of such increased duties to terminate this Agreement in its entirety on thirty days' written notice." The duty on heavy mineral oils, Turkish tariff no. 695 D, and their residues, comprising machine oil, mazout, motorine, and other such combustibles, as provided in Schedule I of the trade agreement, is 0.95 piastre per kilo, while the duty on kerosene, tariff no. 695 C, is 6 piastres per kilo. During recent years the quality of motorine has been greatly im- proved so as to make it desirable to apply the same duties to motorine as to kerosene. To raise the duty on motorine to the level existing for kerosene would necessitate raising the price of motorine to such height as would cause harmful repercussions. Therefore, in accord- ance with the terms of Article I of the trade agreement, the Turkish Government contemplates reducing the duty on tariff no. 695 C to 8.80 piastres per kilo while raising that on tariff no. 695 D to 2.75 piastres per kilo (which with the existing excise tax on motorine of 0.55 piastre per kilo would amount to 8.80 piastres per kilo.)