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CANADA-FUR SEALS-DEC. 8 , 19, 1942 1379 Agreement between the United States of America and Canada respecting December 8,19,1942 fur seals. Effected by exchange of notes signed at WashingtonDecember [E A s.415] 8 and 19, 1942; effective from June 1, 1942. The Secretary of State to the CanadianMinister DEPARTMENT OF STATE WASHINGTON December 8, 1942 SIm: I have the honor to refer to the conversation on August 12, 1942 between Mr. Merchant M. Mahoney, Counselor of the Canadian Lega- tion, and an officer of the Department when Mr. Mahoney left an in- formal memorandum dated August 10, 1942 [1] in which it is stated that the terms of the Department's note dated May 7, 1942 [1] and the proposed provisional fur seal agreement between the United States and Canada contained therein are generally acceptable to the Canadian authorities but that the Canadian Department of Fisheries desires an interpretation of certain specific points. The first of the points on which an interpretation is desired relates to the basis for the suggestion made by this Government that the Canadian share of the fur sealskins taken annually on the Pribilof Islands be increased to 20 percent by adding to the 15 percent hereto- fore received by Canada under the fur seal convention concluded on July 7, 1911 between the United States, Great Britain, Japan, and Russia, a part of the share formerly received by Japan under that convention. With regard to this I am pleased to say that, in accord- ance with conversations between representatives of our two Govern- ments, this Government's proposal that the Canadian share of the fur sealskins be increased to 20 percent is in recognition of the principles underlying the fur seal convention of July 7, 1911, and the cooperation of the Canadian Government in scientific arrangements for the con- servation of the fur seal herd. This figure is calculated with reference to the pro rata share heretofore received by Canada and to Canada's established interest in the fur seal resources, and is intended to be pro- visional only for the purposes of the present agreement. With reference to the second point mentioned in the Legation's memorandum, I have to say that no objection is perceived to the deletion of the word "North" as used in the expression "North Pacific Ocean" in Article I of the text of the agreement as proposed in the Department's note of May 7, 1942. No objection is perceived to the suggestion, made under the third point in the Legation's memorandum, that consultations between the two Governments from time to time regarding the level of population of the herd, provided for by Article VIII of the proposed agreement, [Not printed.] Increase in Cana- dian share of skins. 37 Stat. 1542 . "North Pacific Ocean. " Consultations. 58 STAT.]