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1392 56 Stat. 746. 50 U. 8. C., Supp. HI, app. if821 -828 . Aste, p. 678. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAr. mentioned. This procedure is proposed on a basis of reciprocity under the terms of Section 7 of the Act. Accept, Sir, the renewed assurance of my highest consideration. NELSON TRUSLEB JOHNSON Enclosure: Public Law 704. The Right Honorable HIEBE.IT VEBE EVATT, Minister for External Affairs, Canberra,A.C .T . The Australian Minister of State for External Affairs to the American Minister DEPARTMENT OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS, CANEBRRA. A. C. T . 10th May, 1944. I have the honour to refer to your note of 10th November, 1942, relating to the question of changing the present procedure with respect to prizes taken by the United States Naval Forces in foreign waters remote from ports of the United States. 2. I note that Public Law 704-77th Congress, an Act to facilitate the disposition of prizes captured by the United States and for other purposes, was approved on 18th August, 1942, and that this Act relates only to prizes captured during the present war. It is also perceived that according to the terms of Section 3 of the abovementioned Pub- lic Law, "the jurisdiction of prizes brought into the territorial waters of a co-belligerent shall not be exercised under authority of this Act nor shall prizes be taken or appropriated within such territorial waters for the use of the United States unless the Government having jurisdiction over such territorial waters consents to the exercise of such jurisdiction or to such taking or appropriation". 3. I now have the honour to advise that the Australian Government is pleased to convey to the Government of the United States of America the consent requested in the terms of Section 3 referred to above, on a basis of reciprocity as stated in Section 7 of the Act. I have the honour to be, With the highest consideration, Sir, Your most obedient servant, H. V. EVATr. Minister of State for External Affairs. The Honourable NELSON TRusLER JOHNSON, Envoy Extraordinaryand Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States of America, American Legation, Canberra