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1441 58 STAT.] HAITI-HEALTH AND SANITATION PROGRAM-APRIL 7, 1942 Translation by the Department of State of the Foregoing Note WASHINGTON, D. C., April 7, 194g. MY DEAR MR. WELLES: In confirmation of our conversation of yesterday afternoon, and in reply to the communication which you were kind enough to address to me today, I desire to express my appreciation of the decision of the Government of the United States of America to provide for a sum of approximately $350,000 for the expenses necessary for the carrying out of certain health and sanitation projects in the Republic of Haiti, in accordance with the terms of Resolution XXX adopted at the Third Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the American Republics in Rio de Janeiro. I take pleasure in informing you, my dear Mr. Welles, that the Government of the Republic of Haiti accepts with pleasure the offer of your Government to send a group of experts to Haiti to develop a special health and sanitation program, in agreement with the author- ized officials of the Haitian Government, and also agrees to conduct this project as a cooperative effort in accordance with the stipulations of your letter. Furthermore, the Haitian Government, according to its ability, will provide the raw materials, funds, and services, which are deemed necessary for the proper execution of the joint program of health and sanitation. With the assurances of my very high consideration, I beg you, dear Mr. Welles, to believe in my invariably friendly sentiments. E. LESCOT President of the Republic of Haiti. The Honorable SUMNER WELLES Acting Secretary of State Department of State Washington, D.C.