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1468 Certain rights re- served. Registration of agreement. Termination of rights granted. Continuance of gen- eral principles. 48 Stat. 1788. Moodification of routes or conditions. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. (b) The laws and regulations of one contracting party as to the admission to or departure from its territory of passengers, crew, or cargo of aircraft, such as regulations relating to entry, clearance, immigration, passports, customs, and quarantine shall be complied with by or on behalf of such passengers, crew or cargo of the other contracting party upon entrance into or departure from, or while within the territory of the first party. ARTICLE 6 Each contracting party reserves the right to withhold or revoke a certificate or permit to an airline of the other party in any case where it is not satisfied that substantial ownership and effective con- trol are vested in nationals of a party to this agreement, or in case of failure of an airline to comply with the laws of the State over which it operates as described in Article 5 hereof, or to perform its obliga- tions under this agreement. ARTICLE 7 This agreement and all contracts connected therewith shall be registered with the Provisional International Civil Aviation Organi- zation. ARTICLE 8 Either contracting party may terminate the rights for services granted by it under this agreement by giving one year's notice to the other contracting party. ARTICLE 9 Except as may be modified by the present agreement, the general principles of the aforementioned air navigation arrangement of 1933 as applicable to scheduled air transport services shall continue in force until otherwise agreed upon by the two contracting parties. ARTICLE 10 In the event either of the contracting parties considers it desirable to modify the routes or conditions set forth in the attached Annex, it may request consultation between the competent authorities of both contracting parties, such consultation to begin within a period of sixty days from the date of the request. When these authorities mutually agree on new or revised conditions affecting the Annex, their recom- mendations on the matter will come into effect after they have been confirmed by an exchange of diplomatic notes. ANNEX TO AIR TRANSPORT AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND SWEDEN Rights accorded. A. Airlines of the United States authorized under the present agree- ment are accorded rights of transit and non-traffic stop in Swedish ter- ritory, as well as the right to pick up and discharge international traffic in passengers, cargo and mail at Stockholm, on the following route: New York or Chicago, via intermediate points, to Stockholm; in both directions.