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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CHS. 951, 952-AUG. 10 , 1946 the State plan with respect to each needy individual who is blind and is not an inmate of a public institution, not counting so much of such expenditure with respect to any such individual for any month as exceeds $45- "(A) Two-thirds of such expenditures, not counting so much of any expenditure with respect to any month as exceeds the product of $15 multiplied by the total number of such individuals who received aid to the blind for such month, plus "(B) One-half of the amount by which such expenditures exceed the maximum which may be counted under clause (A); and (2) an amount equal to one-half of the total of the sums expended during such quarter as found necessary by the Administrator for the proper and efficient administration of the State plan, which amount shall be used for paying the costs of administering the State plan or for aid to the blind, or both, and for no other purpose." (b) Section 1003 (b) of such Act is amended by striking out "one- half' , and inserting m lieu thereof "the State's proportionate share". SEC. 504. EFFECTIVE PERIOD. Sections 501, 502, and 503 shall be effective with respect to the period commencing October 1, 1946, and ending on December 31, 1947. TITLE VI-VETERANS' EMERGENCY HOUSING ACT OF 1946 SEO. 601. Section 2 (a) of the Act of June 11 1946 (Public Law 404, Seventy-ninth Congress), is amended by striking out the period at the end thereof and inserting a semicolon and the following: "and the Veterans' Emergency Housing Act of 1946". Approved August 10, 1946. [CHAPTER 952] AN ACT To provide additional inducements to citizens of the United States to make a career of the United States military or naval service, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 4 of the Naval Reserve Act of 1938 (52 Stat. 1176) is hereby amended by inserting after the words "insular possessions of the United States" a comma and the following: "including citizens of the Philippine Islands who are members of the naval service at the time independence of the Philippine Islands becomes effective,". SEC. 2. Section 204 of the Naval Reserve Act of 1938 (52 Stat. 1179) is hereby amended to read as follows: "SEc. 204. Members of the Navy who first enlisted in the Navy after July 1, 1925, or who reenlisted therein after July 1, 1925, having been out of the Regular Navy for more than three months, may upon their own request be transferred to the Fleet Reserve upon the com- pletion of at least twenty years' active Federal service. After such transfer, except when on active duty, they shall be paid at the annual rate of /2 per centum of the annual base and longevity pay they are receiving at the time of transfer multiplied by the number of years of active Federal service: Provided, That the pay authorized in this section shall be increased 10 per centum for afl men who may be credited with extraordinary heroism in the line of duty: Provided further, That the determination of the Secretary of the Navy as to the definition of extraordinary heroism shall be final and conclusive 80°8--47-PT. I- --63 993 49 Stat. 646. 42 U. S.C . 1203 (b). Ante, pp. 991, 992. Aite, p. 237. Ante, p. 207. August 10, 1946 [S. 2460] [Public Law 720] Naval Reserve Act of 1938, amendnments. 34U.S. C. §853b. 34U. S.C. 854e. Transfer to Fleet Reserve. Heroism in line of duty.