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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 958-AUG. 13 , 1946 SEC. 2 . The Public Health Service Act (consisting of titles I to V inclusive, of the Act of July 1, 1944, 58 Stat. 682) is hereby amended by adding at the end thereof the following new title: 'TITLE VI-CONSTRUCTION OF HOSPITALS "PART A-DECLARATION OF PURPOSE "SEC. 601. The purpose of this title is to assist the several States- "(a) to inventory their existing hospitals (as defined in sec- tion 631 (e)), to survey the need for construction of hospitals, and to develop programs for construction of such public and other nonprofit hospitals as will, in conjunction with existing facilities, afford the necessary physical facilities for furnishing adequate hospital, clinic, and similar services to all their people; and "(b) to construct public and other nonprofit hospitals in ac- cordance with such programs. "PART B-STJRVEYs AND PLANNING "AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATION "SEC. 611. In order to assist the States in carrying out the purposes of section 601 (a), there is hereby authorized to be appropriated the sum of $3,000,000, to remain available until expended. The sums appropriated under this section shall be used for making payments to States which have submitted, and had approved by the Surgeon Gen- eral, State applications for funds for carrying out such purposes. '" STATE APPLICATIONS "SEC. 612. (a) To be approved, a State application for funds for carrying out the purposes of section 601 (a) must- "(1) designate a single State agency as the sole agency for carrying out such purposes: Provided,That after a State plan has been approved under section 623, any further survey or program- ing functions shall be carried out, pursuant to section 623 (a) (10), by the agency designated in accordance with section 623 (a) (1); "(2) provide for the designation of a State advisory council, which shall include representatives of nongovernment organiza- tions or groups, and of State agencies, concerned with the opera- tion, construction, or utilization of hospitals, including represen- tatives ef the consumers of hospital services selected from among persons familiar with the need for such services in urban or rural areas, to consult with the State agency in carrying out such pur- poses - " (3 provide for making an inventory and survey in accordance with section 601 (a) containing all information required by the Surgeon General, and for developing a program in accordance with section 601 (a) and with regulations prescribed under section 622; and "(4) provide that the State agency will make such reports, in such form and containing such information, as the Surgeon General may from time to time reasonably require, and give the Surgeon General, upon demand, access to the records on which such reports are based. "(b) The Surgeon General shall approve any application for funds which complies with the provisions of subsection (a). 80634--47 --r.


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