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79TH GONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 958-AUG. 13, 1946 4"ALUYTMENTS TO STATES "SEC. 624. Each State for which a State plan has been approved prior to or during a fiscal year shall be entitled for such year to an allotment of a sum bearing the same ratio to the sums authorized to be appropriated pursuant to section 621 for such year as the product of (a) the population of such State and (b) the square of its allotment percentage (as defined in section 631 (a)) bears to the sum of the corresponding products for all of the States. The amount of the allotment to a State shall be available, in accordance with the provisions of this part, for payment of 331/3 per centum of the cost of approved projects within such State. The Surgeon General shall calculate the allotments to be made under this section and notify the Secretary of the Treasury of the amounts thereof. Sums allotted to a State for a fiscal year for construction and remaining unobligated at the end of such year shall remain available to such State for such purpose for the next fiscal year (and for such year only), in addition to the sums alloted for such State for such next fiscal year. Any amount of the sum authorized to be appropriated for a fiscal year which is not appropriated for such year, or which is not allotted in such year by reason of the failure of any State or States to have plans approved under this part, and any amount allotted to a State but remaining unobligated at the end of the period for which it is available to such State, is hereby authorized to be appropriated for the next fiscal year in addition to the sum otherwise authorized under section 621. "AP P ROVAL OF PROJECTS AND PAYMENTS FOR CONSTRUCTION "SEC. 625. (a) For each project for construction pursuant to a State plan approved under this part, there shall be submitted to the Surgeon General through the State agency an application by the State or a political subdivision thereof or by a public or other nonprofit agency. Such application shall set forth (1) a description of the site for such project, (2) plans and specifications therefor in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Surgeon General under section 622 (e), (3) reasonable assurance that title to such site is or will be vested solely in the applicant, (4) reasonable assurance that ade- quate financial support will be available for the construction of the project and for its maintenance and operation when completed, and (5) reasonable assurance that the rates of pay for laborers and mechanics engaged in construction of the project will be not less than the prevailing local wage rates for similar work as determined in accordance with Public Law 403 of the Seventy-fourth Congress approved August 30, 1935, as amended. The Surgeon General shall approve such application if sufficient funds to pay 331/3 per centum of the cost of construction of such project are available from the allot- ment to the State, and if the Surgeon General finds (A) that the appli- cation contains such reasonable assurance as to title financial support, and payment of prevailing rates of wages, (B) that the plans and specifications are in accord with the regulations prescribed pursuant to section 622, (C) that the application is in conformity with the State plan approved under section 623 and contains an assurance that the applicant will conform to the applicable requirements of the State plan and of the regulations prescribed pursuant to section 622 (f) regarding the provision of facilities without discrimination on account of race, creed, or color, and for furnishing needed hospital facilities for persons unable to pay therefor, and an assurance that the applicant will conform to State standards for operation and maintenance, and (D) that it has been approved and recommended by the State agency and is entitled to priority over other projects within the State in Availability. Unobligated sums. Application for con- struction project. 49 Stat. 1011. 40 U.S.C. I. 27a 27Ba-6; Supp. V, i 27-6 note. 60 STAT.]