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INDEX Fur-Resources Investigations, appropria- tion for ----_ _ --- -_ _

____-. Future Farmers of America, supervision of certain activities, appropriation authorized--------.--------------- Page 380 776 G "G. I . Bill of Rights." See Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944. Gadsden, Ala., clerk of U. S . District Court, restriction on use of funds for maintaining office of .- -- - ---.----- Gaging Streams, appropriation for, lim- itation__---- --------------- ----- Galax, Va., flood-protection project authorized------. -- -- -- -- -- -- .- -- -- Gallinger Municipal Hospital, D. C . See under District of Columbia. Gallup, N. Mex. - Window Rock, Ariz., appropriation for maintenance of portion of highway---------------- Gallup-Shiprock Highway, N. Mex., appropriation for maintenance of portion within Navajo Reservation_- Game-Management Supply Depot, Poca- tello, Idaho, appropriation for ----- Gardiners Bay, N. Y ., examination and survey authorized --------------- Garfield, Utah, harbor for light-draft vessels at or near, examination and survey of Great Salt Lake author- ized. --. . ---- ----- -. . ---- ----- --- Garrison Reservoir, N. Dak.: Garrison Dam, limitation on construc- 478 370 649 358 358 380 638 641 tion--------------------------- 167 Maintenance and operation, limitation on use of funds for--- ---------- 163 School facilities for dependents of persons engaged on construction, provision authorized------------- 643 Gas and Oil. See Oil and Gas. Gates Creek and Tributaries, Okla., ex- amination and survey authorized---- 652 Gathright Reservoir, Jackson River, Va., flood-protection project authorized-- 645 Gavins Point, Missouri River, S. Dak. and Nebr., examination and survey au- thorized----------. --. ----- ----_ 640 General Accounting Office: Appropriation Acts, general, studies respecting cost of complying with certain restrictions in; report to Congress ----------------------- 837 Appropriation for------------------ 70,105 Damage claims, appropriation for ------ 629 Employees, legislation respecting em- ployment, compensation, etc., ap- plicability---------------------- 219 General Accounting Office-Continued. Page Expenditure analyses, agencies in ex- ecutive branch of Government; report to designated Congressional committees ---- _ -- ----- ----- --_ 837 Naval personnel, pay accounts, adjust- ment between proper appropria- tions of unpaid, etc., balances---- 3 Postmasters, allowance of credit for certain per diem payments------- 886 Printing and binding, appropriation for- 71 Subcontractors, designated U. S. con- tracts, inspection, etc., powers with respect to---------------------- 38 Treasurer of U. S., credit in accounts for amounts of designated checks or warrants -------------------- 31 General Bridge Act of 1946. See Bridge Act of 1946, General. General Inter-American Convention for Trade Mark and Commercial Pro- tection, designated benefits, etc., of parties to------------------------ 442 General Land Office. See under Interior, Department of the. Generals Highway, Calif., appropriations authorized for performance of desig- nated functions and activities------- 885 Geneva Convention, appropriation for wages of enemy detainees for work under conditions prescribed by------ 463 Geodesy and Geophysics, International Union of, appropriation for con- tribution------------------------ 453 Geography, Division of. See under In- terior, Department of the. Geography and History, Pan American Institute of, appropriation for con- tribution------------------------- 453 Geologic Surveys, appropriation for----- 370 Geological Survey. See under Interior, Department of the. Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, establishment, appropriation authorized------------------------ 750 George-Deen Program, vocational educa- tion in District of Columbia, appro- priation for-------------------- 114,504 George Washington Memorial Parkway: Appropriation for------------------- 377 Removal of certain construction re- strictions; extension---------- 960, 961 Georgia: Flood-protection projects, adoption and authorization ------------------ Fort Benning, easement over, etc., grant to Georgia Power Company, au- thorized ----------------------- Navigation and flood-control projects authorized--------------------- 645 972 635 80634--47--T . I- -74 LXVII